Some of our clients



“TwoPir Consulting is a top notch IT Company. We have worked with them on several projects and are impressed with the results each time. They really listens to the goals you are trying to achieve, and always thinks of your future growth. Team plans ahead, thinks the project through from start to finish, and is always focused on providing the best architecture and user experience possible. Team also provides multiple solutions for every type of situation so you can choose the best fit for your company. Team is highly communicative. Team never leaves you wondering where your project stands and is available day and night to answer any questions you have whether it’s through email or Skype. It seems Team always available to help his clients, It’s hard to find really company to work with and Its the real deal. I would highly recommend Team to anyone who needs to develop their Salesforce site.”
Machine Manitenance Company

“Working with TwoPir Consulting has been a real help for me and my company. We do not have a Salesforce Administrator on staff so we rely on him for all of our Salesforce clean-up and data import needs. TwoPir is always very thorough, professional, and responsive. He has been such a pleasure to work with and we are fortunate to have found him for our Salesforce Needs.”
Amy, Web-based School Solution Company