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  • Rollup Helper

    Challenges :

    The client wants to roll up the date and text fields from one object to other when there is lookup relationship between them. In addition to that count of records and average of numeric field are to be rolled up.

    About Rollup Helper :

    Rollup Helper rolls-up any Salesforce data. Supports count, sum, max, min, average, percent, lookup rollups, text, and multi-currency. It helps to get actionable real-time data for your business process. With absolutely no coding required, this is an amazing accelerator for admins, business analysts, and developers.

    Purpose To rollup the data when there is lookup relationship between objects.
    Application • Works on both lookup as well as master-detail relationships.

    • Support SUM, Count, MIN, MAX, Average, Percentage and Rolling Date-Based Rollup.

    • Support all field types, including lookup fields(e.g. Owner Id)

    Version Spring 2015 v8.00
    Tool Rollup Helper
    Information Salesforce <> Rollup Helper
    Volumes ~5/day
    Process • Navigate to Rollup Helper and select the object and field on which value is going to rollup.

    • Now select the object and field used as the source of rollup.

    • Select any Type(SUM, Count, MAX, etc.) as per

    Complexity Medium


  • Salesforce App Exchange Package

    Challenges :

    1.The client is using salesforce to give the functionality of Real Estate in App so there client can install app and work on it.
    2.Need to create Package which can be used in all editions of Salesforce.

    Purpose Make Single Standard of their functionality.


    Application Salesforce
    Version Salesforce(Developer Edition)
    Information Salesforce > App Exchange
    Volumes ~135/day
    Process Creation of Classes, Triggers, VF Pages, JScripts etc.
    Using Google Map API to access the Geo Location in bulk.
    Code Review according to App Exchange Standard & Best Practices.
    Schedule N/A
    Complexity High