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  • Barcode by Gimbal Barcode & ServiceMax Mobile App

    Challenges :

    The client wants to track the products installation on different locations so, our challenge is to track the details of all products installed on different locations and make all products to be uniquely identified.

    Purpose Our purpose is to track products installation on different location through barcode scanning with the help of servicemax mobile app and edit records through mobile app and mark scanned.
    Application Gimbal Barcode Salesforce App – Generate Barcode
    ServiceMax Salesforce App – Manage Process in SF
    ServiceMax Mobile App- Barcode Scan & edit records
    Version Gimbal Barcode 2.0
    ServiceMax 15.40000.18
    ServiceMax Spring 16 Classic
    Information ServiceMax Mobile App <> Salesforce
    (Two way data Sync.)
    Volumes ~60-70/day
    Process First generate and print barcode for all products and paste it on products to make it unique then on location the technician have to scan the products which he want to install and then the related record from salesforce will be open then the technician will mark as scanned on records and save it. Now the products will be installed on particular location and we are able to track any product.
    Complexity High