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February 3, 2023

  • Hubspot Features

    This year has seen major updates to HubSpot’s  platform, which have made it even more efficient and effective! We’re expecting even more improvements in 2023, so it’s important to be aware of all the features available.

    Marketing Hub

    1.Scheduled Workflows
    Workflows could automate everything… But themselves! The only way to turn a workflow on was to get someone to do it. But that changed in January, as Operations Hub Professional and Enterprise users were able to schedule their workflows. When creating a new workflow, users can now choose to build a workflow that runs on a schedule and configure their schedule.

    2.Contact Create Attribution For Campaigns

    This update allowed for marketing departments to start taking credit for their wins. It allowed them to see which elements contributed towards a contact getting into the database, particularly when it came to campaigns! Marketers can now see which asset type created more contacts, as well as which interaction time and source was most efficient!

    3.Marketing Automation Available For Starter Users

    Automation is one of the big features that HubSpot has available. Yet, you had to be at a Professional tier, at least, to enjoy this tool. In April, HubSpot started offering simple to users of Marketing Starter. These simple workflows have allowed users to automate small tasks and create short workflows that could give them better insights into the valuable role nurturing can have in their marketing strategy. 
    4.Collaboration Tools
    This feature became available in May as part of Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise and can be accessed within Forms, Campaigns, and Workflows, and was recently added to emails. And, simply, it gave users the option to leave a comment on a particular asset, so a colleague could review it and action it. You can drop a comment anywhere on the page and you would also be able to view it within the sidebar. You can choose if you want to show or hide the comment bubbles, so you can better focus.

    5.Report On Customer Journey

    This feature allows for detailed reports on the marketing interactions your contacts are engaging with, depending on the stage of the customer journey they find themselves at. his will help to ensure that your flywheel stays spinning more consistently and drives more customer engagement. This feature also made it easy to report on, understand, and optimize any part of the customer journey.