What is Quip used for?

Quip helps sales teams accelerate business in real-time. Reimagine sales processes with embedded documents, live Salesforce data, and built-in collaboration.

Quip is a unified online workspace where everyone that you invite can create and edit documents together. The service also has tools for communicating in real time, including in-app chat. You can choose between a variety of file types, including word-processing documents, spreadsheets, and slideshow presentations.

Create your own templates

Build your own templates tailored to your business processes. With Quip, you can personalize templates for your own business processes, like Account Plans, to support the unique needs of teams across different geographies, segments, or industries. Your templates automatically get prefilled with CRM data. One-click and the account plan is ready to go.

Two-way data sync with CRM

Data is live between Quip documents and data sources allowing bi-directional updates. In any Quip document or spreadsheet, you can see live Salesforce records, lists, reports, and even Tableau CRM data, ensuring teams are always working with the latest information.

Live Apps for Quip and third-party integrations

Extend your documents with kanban boards, calendars, drawing canvases, and more, thanks to Live Apps for Quip. Bring in data from third parties, and surface your favorite dashboards from Tableau CRM.

Create Quip Document:

We can create quip documents by using salesforce Flow. For every record, we can create a quip document. For example, If you want to create a quip document for each account record then we can do this with the help of flow.

To create a Quip Template, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Setup -> Quick Find Box -> Search for “Quip” -> Click on Quip (Salesforce Anywhere).
  2. Click Get Started.
  3. Follow the steps & complete the setup.
  4. Launch Quip.
  5. Create a new Document.


To create the flow, follow these steps:

1 . Go to Setup -> Quick Find Box -> Search for “Flows” -> Click on Flows -> Then Click New Flow.

2. Get “Action” > Core Action >click on “Create Quip Document”

3. Set the parameter for the selected action.

Other Quip actions in Flow:

  • Create Quip Document
  • Create Quip Folder
  • Create Quip Chat
  • Add Members to Quip Chat
  • Add Quip Document to Folder
  • Add Members to Quip Document
  • Remove Members from Quip Document
  • Remove Quip Document from Folder
  • Remove Members from Quip Chat
  • Attach Quip Document to Record
  • Copy Quip Content (Retired)
  • Copy Quip Document
  • Copy with Live Paste
  • Edit Quip Document
  • Lock Quip Document
  • Lock Quip Section
  • Export Quip Document to PDF
  • Send a Message in Quip Chat
  • Send Message in Quip Document