Salesforce Spring21

Salesforce Spring21

The spring’21 release is available under the pre-release program

 In this release, you will find new enhancements related to:

  • Lightning Experience
  • Salesforce Flow
  • Lightning Web Component
  • Apex
  • Experience Cloud
  • Pardot
  • Quip
  • Tableau CRM
  • And APIs

Sales Features :

Flexibility to track information on opportunity products and more options for lead conversion. Package providers get more options for configuring order save behavior, and original territory management is scheduled for retirement.

  • Opportunities: Do More with Opportunity Product
  • Convert Leads to a Person Account and a Business Account at the Same Time with the API
  • Now add account records as members of a campaign.
  • Collaborative Forecasts: Mobile forecasting now supports adjustments.
  • Track Accounts as Campaign Members (Beta) 
  • Package providers can configure which type of order save behavior their 2GP and unlocked packages support.
  • Configure Order Save Behavior in 2GP and Unlocked Packages
  • Original Territory Management Is Being Retired
  • To extend analysis on Snowflake data and uncover more insights, now run SQL queries on live datasets. Write SQL queries to calculate common business cases such as Cost to Revenue Ratio, apply advanced sorting to your data, and work with windowing function formulas.
  • Bring the Trailhead Learning Experience Inside the App (Beta)
  • Enable Trailblazers to read modules, take quizzes, and earn badges.
  • Power Up Recently Viewed Lists with Customizable Actions
  • Add Walkthrough Steps That Go Beyond New, Edit, and Clone Pages Schedule Surveys.
  • Target Specific Survey Participants Using Rules
  • Set a Time Zone for the Review Appointment Page – Lightning Scheduler.

  • Use Sales Cadences to Advance Opportunities and Track Target Engagements
  • Give your sales team more flexibility to track information on opportunity product records.
  • Customize Field Mappings for Contact and Event Sync – Einstein Activity Capture.

  • Deliver Information from Records with Object Search – Einstein Bots.
  • Share Records with Manual Sharing.
  • Create Partial Periods When Using a Bill Through Date Override 
  • Add Shift Management to Your Experience Cloud Sites 
  • Retain Attached Files When Inserting an Article into an Email
  • Save Dashboard Results with Filter URL Parameters
  • Streamline Report Creation with Multi-Field Selection
  • Quickly Clone Campaigns with Related Assets – Pardot.

  • Analyze Email Content Performance with Custom Reports -Pardot.
  • Specify a Link for Completion Actions in Pardot Emails – Pardot.

Developer Point of View :

  • More Support for Dynamic Actions
  • Ability to Select All Fields in SOQL Query
  • Access Custom Metadata Type Records Using Static Methods
  • Define Localized Component Labels and Attribute Values on Lightning Pages Using Custom Labels
  • Analyze Performance For Lightning Viewed on a Phone and Desktop
  • Salesforce Functions: Extend Salesforce with Functions 
  • Add Salesforce CMS Content to Custom Lightning Web Components
  • Use Lightning Email Templates in Salesforce Automations

Salesforce Flow Enhancements: – 

  • Lightning Flow Is Now Salesforce Flow
  • Refer to the Prior Values of the Record That Triggered Your Flow
  • Run Part of a Record-Triggered Flow After the Triggering Event
  • Send Rich Text Emails from flow Using a Send Email Action
  • Build Multicolumn Screens in Flow Builder
  • Control Revisited Screen Component Values in Flows
  • Access Complex Merge Fields from Loops
  • Debug logs now record the total amount of CPU time consumed by a particular flow.
  • Debug flows more easily with consistent Terms and Direct Debugging for Schedule-Triggered Flows
  • Include Top-Level named array definition for list types in External Services Schemas
  • Customize markers and control map behavior in lightning
  • Use BatchApexErrorEvent Triggers to Monitor ISV Applications
  • Attach Actions to Asynchronous Apex Jobs Using Transaction Finalizers 
  • Lightning Scheduler flow type now supports sub-flows.
  • Convert Leads to a Person Account and a Business Account at the Same Time with the API
  • Collapse and Expand Field Sections on Dynamic Forms
  • Query cursors Optimized for improved Performance
  • View All, Modify All, Edit, and Delete Object Permissions Removed for Guest Users
  • Take Advantage of the Build Your Own (LWR) Template for Experience Cloud
  • Enable Hybrid Apps to directly manage web sessions
  • Configure the User and Batch Size for Platform Event Trigger
  • Test Custom Domains in a Sandbox
  • The Read-Only Profile Is No Longer Available in New Salesforce 
  • Debug Failed Flows More Easily
  • Distribute Email Templates with Packaging and Change Sets
  • Create a Lightning Web Component Action  

Salesforce Mobile App:

  • Use Dynamic Actions with Custom Objects on Mobile
  • Get Comfortable in Mobile Home (Beta)
  • Filter Records Using Natural Language Search on Mobile (Beta)
  • New Enhanced Mobile Security Setup UI (Beta)
  • Turn on the New Salesforce Mobile App Tablet Experience
  • Keep Track of Your Activities with Activity Timeline on Android