Salesforce Community

What is Salesforce Community?

Salesforce Community Cloud is an online social platform for companies to create branded sites connecting customers, employees, and partners with each other. It provides them the records and data they need to accomplish their work efficiently.

Using communities we can collaborate and communicate with people outside of your company who are key to business. We can easily communicate with internal users and portal users and external users.

We can create multiple communities in an organization. For example for partner support you can create one community and for customer support you create one more community. Like based on business needs we can create multiple communities.

An organization can build a community to meet any number of needs, but there are three main community types in Salesforce:

  1. Customer communities
  2. Employee communities
  3. Partner communities

Customer communities:

Customer communities are self-service portals that allow customers to get answers to their questions via relevant articles, process documentation, FAQs, and discussions with other customers.

Employee communities:

Employee communities are internal websites that connect employees and give them a single space to share files, manage projects, and access company documentation or announcements.

Partner communities

Partner communities are information hubs that let resellers and sales teams collaborate and access important company data that can lead to more closed deals.

Salesforce Community Features :

  • Business Integration
  • Personalization
  • Customization
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Case Escalation
  • Knowledge Base and Q&A
  • E-commerce
  • Personal Member Scoring
  • Data Sharing
  • File sharing
  • Community Groups
  • Topics Pages
  • Feed Actions
  • Community Management
  • Chatter Collaboration
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Sales Force Automation

How Can We Help :

  • Created multiple Experience Cloud sites within the organization for different purposes.
  • Built customize Login, Self-Registration, and Password Management for Experience Cloud Site.
  • Built responsive sites for delivering rich, branded spaces for customers and partners.
  • Created custom pages, added components to pages, built custom Lightning components, and exposed more Salesforce objects for more customized experience.
  • Customized the template to include information about client sites, add images to extend company branding, and include CMS content.
  • Customized dashboards and reports with partners to ensure alignment with key goals, and easily connect data from any source.

Results :

  • Salesforce communities are a great way to accelerate your business sales and ultimately, your revenue.
  • Overall, the online community gives your company the ability to build customized and branded communities for a seamless enterprise collaboration and streamlined business processes.
  • Experience Cloud helps you deliver fast and connected digital experiences.
  • Also helps to engage any audience fast with interactive sites, apps, and portals.