Most Popular AppExchange Products

Document App

Conga Composer offers document generation capabilities to create virtually any important document, report or presentation using Salesforce data. Placing a custom button or link on any object’s page layout gives you immediate access to all its fields. Salesforce reports or SOQL queries can retrieve any additional required data from as many as 50 other objects or lists.Read More.

Ushering in a new era of productivity and efficiency, Nintex Drawloop DocGen® for Salesforce eliminates the painstaking, manual document creation processes that slow your business down. Using advanced capabilities, our software automates the creation and delivery of repetitive documents.Read More.

Use Formstack Documents to eliminate paperwork and transform data into beautifully designed documents you can send anywhere.Whether you’re in finance, healthcare, education, or sales, our versatile document creator can help you generate countless custom documents. From proposals and applications to invoices and event tickets, Formstack Documents is flexible enough to meet the needs of your business.

S-Docs is the fastest, easiest and most secure document generation and e-signature solution built on the Salesforce platform. It is an intuitive drag and drop interface. It allows Salesforce users to create quotes, contracts, emails, reports and other documents directly on the Salesforce platform. It has the ability to add images and visual charts and also we can live edit documents during and after generation.Read More.

Electronic Signature App

Formerly known as EchoSign, the electronic document signature software is now Adobe Sign. Adobe purchased the company few years ago, and now integrates within its own products. Designed for enterprises, as well as small and medium businesses, EchoSign speeds up the signature process. Using the software you can sign, send, and track documents from within your browser or application. Adobe has been one of the global leaders in digital document management for more than 25 years, and EchoSign allows the company to continue dominating the market.Read More.

Easily gather electronic signatures for contracts, payments, releases, proposals, and more.Reduce paperwork by collecting signatures online. With Formstack Forms, you can easily add an electronic signature field to any of your online forms. All signatures are saved as image files and stored in your Formstack account. Simple, streamlined, and secure.Simplify your document workflows with Formstack Sign, a digital signature automation solution that lets you gather signatures on any device.

DocuSign Professional emails recipients an electronically signed document requesting review of a document after it is uploaded. DocuSign released its mobile app & DocuSign Ink in November 2011. It is available free of charge, and runs on Apple iOS, Google & Android and Windows Phone operating systems.Read More.

Form Creation App

Form Titan is a Zero code platform for Salesforce admins & professionals.From Titan is beyond forms, portals, and document generation.FormTitan enables to build any Salesforce form and portals.Form Titan generate documents, Merge them, Automation and Bulk Creation, Approval process and signatures.Read More.

An intuitive drag & drop form builder that boosts data collection capabilities & increases productivity by connecting highly customizable forms & surveys to unlimited Salesforce objects. It helped us to save time and kept us organized. It helps to collect the right data within your organization, as well as from your clients, and publish your forms on any platform.Read More.

FormAssembly is an easy-to-use, yet powerful web form platform, built to help organizations streamline processes and drive business results across multiple industries and use cases. Organizations and brands rely on FormAssembly’s highly rated platform, excellent customer service, and uncompromising stance on security and compliance.Read More.

Other Apps

TaskRay is a versatile project management application. This native Salesforce project management app is designed to empower your teams to be more productive, efficient, and collaborative. Plus, you can manage, support, and track business processes on all bases. It is built on the powerful Salesforce platform and offers consistently great onboarding for clients using built-in and cloneable project templates and powerful reports. Read More.

DemandTools (recently bought by Validity) is the leading data quality and data cleansing toolset for Salesforce CRM customers. It’s a suite of 10+ individual modules to control, standardize, verify, deduplicate, import, and generally manipulate Salesforce and or data. Better yet, it has great compatibility and is designed to work in the Developer, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited versions of Salesforce.Read More.

Distribution Engine is an easily configurable, intelligent, rules-based lead assignment engine that ensures your Leads, Opportunities, Contacts (any standard or custom SFDC object) are automatically distributed to the right team member at the right time.

DBSync’s Salesforce – QuickBooks Desktop Integration is an easy and fast way to synchronize Salesforce data such as Accounts, Products, and Opportunities with QuickBooks Desktop. Our uniquely customizable integration will optimize your Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay processes, saving you time and money.

It provides multiple functionality and best features like Inbound lead conversion, scheduling software, inbound scheduling automation, events meeting automation, events booking software, lead distribution software which can be used by the organizations according to their needs. While Chili Piper is used by Fortune 100 mega corporations, it has a price point that makes it accessible to lean budget-strapped startups, too. Unlike the traditional method of inbound lead management, Chili Piper uses smart rules to qualify and distribute leads to the right reps in real time.Read More.

SharinPix is the images app which manages the images for Salesforce. SharinPix brings the power of image to Salesforce. It is a business-oriented image toolbox to empower YOUR Salesforce with YOUR pictures and managing albums and photos efficiently and easily by offering automation and content recognition as well.Read More.

The Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries (DLRS) tool allows you to do things which are impossible to do with standard rollup summary fields. The standard rollup fields work only on Master-Details relation and cannot really handle any time-based calculations,but DLRS can handle any type of relations. You don’t have to write any code for the implementation. DLRS can run on schedule which means time-based calculations are possible, and can also roll-up text fields.Read More.

Field Trip lets you analyze the fields of any object, giving you instant insight into what percentage of your records (or a subset) have that specific field populated. Run reports on the standard and custom fields you have in Salesforce for a better understanding of which field are important to your organization.Read More.

It is a Sales Engagement platform for creating better buying experiences and closing more revenue. It provides multiple functionality and best features which help your organization to let your teams focus on selling, your managers on coaching, and your operations and leaders on strategy.SalesLoft was built for the entire revenue organization.Read More.

GetFeedback is a valuable tool for companies to capture the feedback of their customers at every step of the customer journey. This helps organizations take action according to critical feedbacks received and introduce necessary changes to improve customer satisfaction. One of the best features of GetFeedback is the provision to be implemented across multiple channels, such as marketing and relationship management.Read More.

Rollup Helper brings real-time data to your fingertips. Whether your data is in a standard or custom object, or is part of a Salesforce or AppExchange app, you now have the tool you need to get real-time, actionable data for your process- even for your most complex roll-up scenarios.Since Rollup Helper is not restricted with requiring a Master/Detail relationship between objects, roll-up summary fields in Salesforce are a breeze. Rollup Helper also doesn’t count against your Rollup-Summary Field limits.Read More.

Super Clone is a very straight forward App that has a clear bit of functionality. The package itself is relatively small and all the components can be well understood. Super Clone is a pack of three pages that help with cloning, editing, and copying standard or custom objects with their related lists.Read More.