123Form Builder – Build dynamic forms and surveys

What is 123Form ?

An intuitive drag & drop form builder that boosts data collection capabilities & increases productivity by connecting highly customizable forms & surveys to unlimited Salesforce objects. It helped us to save time and kept us organized. It helps to collect the right data within your organization, as well as from your clients, and publish your forms on any platform.

Build custom forms with field validation, calculate inputs on the go, upload multiple files, collect payments on the spot, prefill forms, connect your forms to standard and custom objects and generate reports in real-time. Create and re-use custom themes for your mobile-responsive forms.

123Form Features :

  • Publish anywhere (websites, emails, records, communities, etc.)
  • Sync all form data with Salesforce
  • E-Signature
  • Dynamic Prefill – 5 ways to prefill forms with existing customer data 
    1. Custom link prefill (URL prefill)
    2. Real-time prefill
    3. Salesforce Communities prefill
    4. Prefill dropdown from picklist values
    5. Prefill embedded forms in any Salesforce records
  • Web-to-Anything – Connect your forms to unlimited Salesforce objects (Lead, Contact, Case, etc. or any custom objects)
  • Custom PDFs for document generation
  • File attachments
  • Rules and conditional logic
  • 12 Payment Processors: Collect payments or donations through forms (PayPal, Stripe, etc.)

How Can We Help :

  • Built dynamic forms to push information into any object and pull existing Salesforce data to prefill fields. The dynamic prefill enables automatic customization of forms in real-time. One form can communicate simultaneously with any number of records.
  • Customizable web forms that adapt to any business scenario by prefilling your forms with existing user data, set form rules, process payments, and more.
  • Built intuitive forms & surveys by using custom routing, notifications, and conditional logic to show relevant questions based on user inputs and trigger actions accordingly. 
  • Designed custom themes for forms & surveys that work on any screen.
  • Embedded calculations in forms to quantify and get dynamic, numeric perspectives from users.

Results :

  • Clients have endless options to create forms, share forms, etc in a professional way.
  • Clients have the ability to create custom calculations, add coupon codes, use markups and discounts, and customize the payment summary. 
  • Clients can use submitted data to generate reports.
  • Optimize internal processes by collecting the data and completing the payments online easily.