The Salesforce Lightning platform is a quantum leap forward in the complete Salesforce user interface environment. It delivers amazing tools and services to automate your business processes, integrate with external applications, and provide responsive and compatible applications for any device.

The switch to the Salesforce Lightning Experience can be seamless with the right Salesforce Implementation partner. Twopir’s team of certified Salesforce Lightning consultants has been helping several customers cost-effectively migrate to the Lightning interface in a very short timeframe. From consulting, salesforce lightning migration, application development, implementation, customization, to salesforce lightning support, our all-comprehensive Salesforce Lightning services ensure a seamless migration to Salesforce Lightning without any disruptions in your sales cycle.

Salesforce Lightning development services

Lightning Process Automation

Simplify automation and increase your efficiency with The Salesforce® Lightning process builder!! We are here to assist you. We can help you with complex business processes & to easily extend processes with flows. Automatically update or create new records, emails, and tasks.

Component Development

Utilizing Our Commercial Lightning component design & development experience we could offer custom component development which would leverage Salesforce® Lightning Design System for responsiveness. Custom lightning Reusable components developed by us can help track future development.

Lightning Apps

With our deep expertise we can enable you to build modern apps faster within the lightning framework. Applications could range from standard fields, reports, charts, to partner-built components from the App Exchange. Custom apps can also be built as per the client’s requirements.

Lightning Connect

Measure end-to-end marketing effectiveness across all digital channels and devices leveraging AI and an exclusive partnership with Google Analytics 360. Then, take action on those insights and deliver data-driven, personalised experiences across every stage of a customer’s relationship with your brand.


Key Benefits of Salesforce Lightning

  • Optimize Operations – Lightning Process builder speeds-up your regular, repetitive and standard operational tasks. 
  • Develops App Faster – Create customized mobile apps faster with drag and drop capabilities of Lightning App.
  • AppExchange Expertise – Extensive expertise in developing outstanding AppExchange solutions that are Lightning-ready.
  • Data Analytics – Use data analytics to create a smarter, more scalable business with insights on trends, predictions, and KPIs.
  • Faster Turnaround Time – Develop reusable Lightning Components that allows you in reducing your application development time and enable future enhancements.

How Can We Help :

  • We will guide you in strategizing your Lightning road-map to optimally utilize Lightning Components and UI.
  • We offer services to develop Lightning Components
  • Simplify complex business processes and increase sales and marketing efficiency with the Salesforce Lightning process builder that deploys workflow across devices.
  • By customizing solutions using Salesforce Community Cloud Platform, we empower you to provide seamless customer service and accelerate sales initiatives.

Results :

  • Salesforce Lightning Development Services to track your data and milestones.
  • Salesforce will manage your marketing campaign
  • Display information more dynamically for viewers.
  • Make dashboard animated and allow data-driven decisions.
  • Share your files with co-workers in real-time

TwoPir Consulting was able to help us setup Salesforce very easily. They had a consultative process that educated what the desired result would be and was able to guide us to a successful result, saved us a huge amount of time in setting this up correctly.

– Mikkel Monberg , VP of Marketing – E-Commerce Company