DocuSign basic is the core e-signature solution that lets you and your customers quickly and easily sign a full range of documents and forms online without training or software to install.

Twopir has successfully implemented Docusign on the Salesforce Platform several times, it is one of the best tools for e-sign & much more.

As the trusted leader in e-signature management solutions, DocuSign basic simplifies your existing workflow, securely streamlining online signing, from one-page documents to multi-party, multi-step transactions.


  • Collaboration/Markup
  • PowerForms
  • Agent Role
  • Email to Signature
  • Designed for Mobile
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Biometric Phone Authentication
  • CC Anywhere (Carbon Copy)
  • Advance Correct
  • ESIGN compliant, Certificate of Completion, Audit trail

Thousands of enterprise organizations in the financial services, travel, human resources, and insurance industries have chosen DocuSign as their preferred e-signature platform.

DocuSign for the Enterprise improves your business process with a fast, complete, and trusted platform. 


  • We have Setup many DocuSign integration with Salesforce in past
  • Consult & implement the Workflows specific for your Business Use case
  • Manage and arrange fields for templates and sign
  • Reporting and Dashboard

Create and send agreements for signature, trigger actions, track status, and automatically store agreements to the original record with our Lightning Ready integration that works in Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, and Service Cloud.

Your customers get the convenience of signing anytime, anywhere, from practically any device. You get deals done faster. And your reps get to spend more time selling and less time manually moving agreements.


  • Create agreements with Salesforce data: Generate agreements using DocuSign templates that automatically pull in documents and customer contacts from Salesforce.
  • Customize agreements: Add fields to the electronic agreements with bi-directional mapping to Salesforce objects.
  • Send agreements for signatures: Add additional documents and recipients to the agreement and specify send options such as a message, reminders and authentication options.
  • Sign on any device: Recipients can review and sign anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • Collect payments: Collect payments during the time of signing and save payment information back in Salesforce.
  • Write back to Salesforce: The signed document and signer-provided data can be automatically written back to Salesforce.
  • Trigger actions: Use the DocuSign Connect API to trigger other downstream activities.
  • Central administration: Customize the integration with custom buttons, recipes and more.
  • Compliant and secure: DocuSign eSignature has industry-leading compliance such as FedRAMP and security certifications such as ISO 27001:2013.


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