Manufacturing Cloud is a new solution specifically designed for manufacturers to unify account planning and forecasting for greater transparency and collaboration across their entire ecosystem. The Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud is set to deliver deeper business visibility and collaboration between sales and operations teams by giving deep insight through new sales agreements and account-based forecasting solutions.


  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE The analytics made available by Salesforce via Manufacturing Cloud are seriously impressive, however they just scratch the surface of where we are headed. Heavy investments are being made into Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will continue to revolutionize the way we think about our businesses and our customers.

  • EINSTEIN ANALYTICS FOR MANUFACTURING CLOUD In addition to the Dashboards that can be embedded within your pages, the Analytics Studio houses an even deeper level of information about your business. Out-of-the-box key performance indicators about an extensive variety of topics including account health, demand, product penetration, and Sales Agreement compliance are all readily available with Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing Cloud.

  • Account-Based Forecasting The sales agreements feature makes it possible for manufacturers to organize their management systems with the negotiated contract terms, keeping track of both revenues and planned volume. It also unifies data from an ERP with run-rate business, allowing both your account team and your operations department to have a detailed profile of each customer.

  • Sales Agreements The account-based forecasting feature allows manufacturers to not only view their current business but to find and develop future opportunities. Your teams will be able to break down internal silos while creating forecasts which are far more accurate than the pre-manufacturing cloud.

  • CHATTER We already know that Manufacturing Cloud enables your sales, operations, finance, and product teams to collaborate and respond quickly to shifts in demand and build predictability across your entire ecosystem.

  • REPORTS AND DASHBOARDS Manufacturing Cloud comes equipped with a vast analytics suite, including Reports and their visualizations in Dashboard form within the context of frequently visited pages

  • SALES AGREEMENT Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Sales Agreements features give you visibility on all terms negotiated with your customers.

  • OPERATIONS VISIBILITYSuccess happens when leaders understand both commercial drivers and supply chain constraints.


  • We have done implementations on the Manufacturing Cloud.
  • We will offers the implementation and optimization of Manufacturing Cloud solutions.
  • Delivered by senior professionals with 6+ years of experience.


  • Manufacturers can better meet commitments and run a more streamlined business.
  • Create accurate business predictions.
  • Manage inventory appropriately.
  • Update contracts instantly.
  • Track leads and improve conversion rates.