Jungo: Top Mortgage App for Salesforce | CRM for Loan Officers

Jungo is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution catering to mortgage and real estate industries. The solution is built on Salesforce and helps professionals in the financial industry manage their marketing and compliance activities. Key features include lead capturing, loan document management, video email creation and loan referral tracking.

Jungo enables mortgage managers to create flyers by customizing built-in templates for real estate and mortgage marketing. These flyers can be printed or shared electronically. It has the capability to send document collection requests to borrowers based on predefined checklists. Managers can also automate the process of sending concierge packages to clients after sales closure.

Jungo tracks loan transactions and syncs loan data with the CRM tool. It allows managers to perform analysis based on charts and reports created from loan data. Additionally, the solution offers integration with Act-On, Optimal Blue and Mortgage Coach.


Jungo Features :

  • Ideal for enterprises with a large client base to manage and monitor.
  • Built on Salesforce CRM to offer customization needed by lenders.
  • Addition of the Jungo app adds the mortgage related functionality and workflow needed.
  • Referral partner relationship tracking, evaluation and analytics.
  • Customizable workflows and calendar management.
  • Automated email marketing operations.
  • Robust integrations with other third-party systems.
  • Post-close campaigns with elective concierge correspondences.
  • Lead captures from different systems.

Salesforce is one of the largest software companies in the world with one of the most popular CRMs to ever exist. That implies that the foundation that Jungo is built upon is incredibly stable from both technical and business perspectives.

The Salesforce CRM, and by extension Jungo, are incredibly extensible and customizable. It’s not always the easiest process and can be downright frustrating sometimes, but the foundation is there to build just about anything you want from custom data fields to automated processes and reporting.

  • Automated email marketing campaigns – access hundreds of mortgage templates.
  • Referral partner relationship tracking, evaluation, and analytics.
  • Customizable workflows and calendar/task management.
  • Integrations with LOS systems, Mortgage Coach EDGE, BombBomb and Floify.
  • Post-close campaigns with optional concierge packages.
  • Mobile app to take your contacts on the go.
  • DocsBar loan document manager.
  • Loan milestone emails.
  • Lead capture from Zillow, Trulia, and Lending Tree.

How We Can Helped Mortgage Firms :

  • Set up Jungo integration with Salesforce.
  • Managing leads coming from different systems.
  • Integrations with LOS systems.
  • We help in building automation and workflow.
  • Creation of different email templates according to client needs.
  • Setup Mobile App to take contact on go.
  • We also used zapier to integrate twilio which help us to send & receive SMS and voice calls.
  • Created charts and reports.

Results :

  • Jungo integration with salesforce helps to manage their marketing and compliance activities.
  • It helps them to manage leads coming from different systems like Zillow, Trulia, and Lending Tree.
  • Loan originator system integrates to help loan managers from taking a loan application up to disbursal of funds.
  • Automation and workflow help loan managers to run different campaigns and send automated emails to their clients.
  • Zapier integration with twilio helps our clients to connect with their customers anytime through sms, voicemail and email.
  • Charts and Reports helps loan managers to analyse loan data.