Case Study

TwoPir Consulting is a hard worker, really knowledgeable, and always ready to do the extra mile to support me.

– Greg Spratto, VP Operations – Solar Industry Company

Lightning Customer Community Deliver an Unparalleled Customer Experience.
Improve customer support with Salesforce      Community Cloud.
Accelerate your project deployment.
Help you reach success faster.
Learn from other customer use cases.


Lightning Customer Community, delivers a rich and immersive experience to customers that can be branded, deployed, and adapted faster than ever before. This represents not just an evolution in personal interaction, but a revolution in the way businesses build genuine relationships with their customers.


Service Industry client wanted to migrate their website into lightning customer community.

Customer community allows the end user to submit the case by selecting topics, categories, sub-categories and case handle by contact and Account effectively.


A Lightning customer community was developed with community pages designed using HTML to show different topics, Recent request count group by status.

Community shows list of request with type, status and location and shows map location of request submitted.

Developed lightning component to navigate to different stages to select categories, sub-categories, location and fill the form to submit the case.

Intuitive & user friendly UI with ease of navigation and flow.


Lightning customer community connect customers at a more personalized level giving them a rich experience at a lightning speed.

Delivered a more intelligent, personalized and rich experience.

Within this community, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data and social interaction information were put together to supply personalized information to every customer.

Interactive UI with complete guidance for end user.