Twopir has successfully implemented ActiveCampaign Salesforce integration on Salesforce Platform. It provides multiple functionality and best     features With active-campaign Salesforce integration, you can automatically create and/or update Salesforce records   through ActiveCampaign.

Integrating ActiveCampaign with Salesforce Essentials will create a seamless connection to Customer Experience Automation . CXA fuels business growth with automated one-to-one communications through the entire customer lifecycle by enabling businesses to create campaigns that extend across the company’s marketing, sales and service toolset – actually boosting the effectiveness of the existing toolset.

Businesses of all sizes have access to hundreds of pre-built automations that combine email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and machine learning for powerful cross-channel orchestration, segmentation and personalization.

This integration will let you:

    • Add Salesforce leads and contacts into ActiveCampaign
    • Add ActiveCampaign contacts into Salesforce as contacts and leads
    • Sync updates between the two platforms when a contact or lead record changes in either platform
    • Sync Salesforce Opportunities to ActiveCampaign
    • Create a bi-directional sync between your ActiveCampaign account fields and Salesforce account object fields
    • Send a campaign created in ActiveCampaign to a lead or contact from their Salesforce record
    • Enter the lead or contact into an automation created in ActiveCampaign from their Salesforce record                                                                                                                       



With Active Campaign and Salesforce Integration you can Sync contact data, manage deal flow and automate your sales pipeline in Salesforce. Gather leads, trigger automated emails and put your email marketing on autopilot in ActiveCampaign. Do much more by connecting ActiveCampaign and Salesforce.

Step 1:Install the ActiveCampaign Salesforce app

In this section, we’ll show you how to install the ActiveCampaign Salesforce app in your Salesforce account.

  • From your Salesforce account, click the dots on the top left of your account, then click the “Visit AppExchange” button
  • Search for ActiveCampaign, then click the ActiveCampaign app
  • Click the “Get it now” button.
  • An “Allow Access?” modal will open. Click the “Allow” button to allow Salesforce to access your ActiveCampaign account.
  • Click the “Install Here” button located in the “Install in This Org” box.
  • Click the “Terms and conditions” box, then click the “Confirm and Install” button.
  • Click the “Install for Admins Only” option then click the “Install” button. Note that admins will be able to assign permissions to Salesforce users.
  • An “Approve Third-Party Access” modal window will appear. Click the box for “Yes, grant access to these third-party websites” then click the “Continue” button.


Step 2: System Connections

 ActiveCampaign application in your Salesforce account, you can set up the connection between the two platforms. Doing so will permit both accounts to send data to each other.

  • Open the App Launcher from your Salesforce account by clicking on the dots.
  • Select the “ActiveCampaign Setup Assistant” App.
  • Click on the “Get Started” button on the “Setup” page.
  • Under the API access tab, enter your ActiveCampaign account name in the field provided.
  • Enter your ActiveCampaign API key into the API Key field, and click on “Authorize”.
  • Upon successful authorization, you’ll see a green bar saying “Connected”.
  • Click on “Next”.
  • Under the Authorize ActiveCampaign to Salesforce tab, click “Authorize”.
  • You’ll then be asked to log in to your Salesforce account. Sign-in, and allow access to your Salesforce account.
  • Upon successful authorization, you’ll see a green bar saying “Connected”.
  • Click on “Finish”.


Step 3: Dynamic field mapping

With the Dynamic Field mapping step, you can map contact fields from ActiveCampaign to contact and lead fields in Salesforce.

  • Standard Lead and Standard Contact field mapping will already be configured for you. However, you can choose to override the default mapping and use your own
  • It is not possible to map deal fields from ActiveCampaign to any fields in Salesforce
  • Decimals, commas, and currency symbols are supported if you are mapping to an ActiveCampaign text input field. Learn about supported field mapping combinations

To access Dynamic Field Mapping, click the “Continue” button located on the ActiveCampaign setup page.

Step 4: Configure outbound sync settings :

In this step, you determine which Salesforce leads and contacts will sync over to ActiveCampaign and how often the sync will run. This includes:

  • Sync leads and contacts to ActiveCampaign. This will create a new contact record in ActiveCampaign
  • Sync updates to contact and lead records. This will push an update to contact records in ActiveCampaign when updates are made to records in Salesforce for synced contacts and leads

To access Outbound Sync Settings, click the “Continue” button located on the ActiveCampaign setup page.

Step 5:Enabling ActiveCampaign CX Automation

The last step is to enable the ActiveCampaign CX (Customer Experience) Automation component. You can do so by clicking the “Continue” button located on the ActiveCampaign setup page.

View the Salesforce integration in ActiveCampaign

Once the Salesforce integration is set up, we’ll display the connection in your ActiveCampaign account. As a reminder, this integration can only be set up and managed from your Salesforce account.

To see the connected integration:
  • Click the gear icon or “Settings” in your ActiveCampaign account.
  • Click “Integrations” on the left menu.

The Salesforce integration will be listed.


      • A/B Testing
      • API
      • Activity Dashboard
      • Automatic Notifications
      • Campaign Analysis
      • Campaign Management
      • Campaign Segmentation
      • Content Management
      • Customizable Branding
      • Customizable Templates
      • Data Import/Export
      • Drag & Drop Interface
      • Engagement Analytics
      • Multi-Channel Marketing
      • Real Time Analytics
      • Reporting & Statistics
      • Social Media Integration
      • Template Management
      • Third Party Integration



      • Consult how we can use the features which Active Campaign Provides
      • Active Campaign Implementation/Integration with Salesforce
      • We ensure that you use the full extent of what Active Campaign has to offer
      • Help in Measure. Analyze. Optimize the Campaigns
      • User Training – To utilize Active Campaign for day to day Activities



      • Send leads into marketing email automation flows from Salesforce
      • Automate email campaign management to your Salesforce leads
      • Trigger follow-up emails to leads directly in Salesforce
      • Review sales reports and dashboards for insight into what covert leads
      • Send SMS messaging through easy automated workflows
      • Create Salesforce leads and contacts from ActiveCampaign
      • Lead generation with custom forms and fields
      • Sync Leads, Contacts, and Accounts between both platforms
      • Track how your leads and contacts interact with your messages
      • Update and sync custom fields in either ActiveCampaign or Salesforce
      • Notify the right sales team member at the right time
      • Target leads based on company size (and almost any other info)
      • Add leads and contacts to Facebook Custom Audiences
      • Qualify leads with custom, automated lead scoring