• Blackthorn Events creates and manage events from Salesforce easier than ever. Create free and paid events within minutes of installation.
  • Blackthorn Events supports planning of event, Invite & registration of attendees, run events & create reports all in Salesforce.


  • Provides in build event templates
  • Supports orgs where Multiple Currencies is enable
  • Event registration & event management

Here’s how Blackthorn Events makes it easier to run online events using Salesforce

  • No data imports/exports:Bypass attendee registration forms and data exports from online conferencing tools. While Salesforce integrations might work for simple needs, you might have to import specific registrant and attendee data manually before and after the event. If attendees use Blackthorn’s registration forms in place of the conferencing tool form to register events, the registrant’s information gets automatically logged into Salesforce. No need to move data.
  • One confirmation URL: Once someone registers, a confirmation page appears with a video screen linked directly to the online webinar or live-stream event. Watch the video immediately if it’s a recording, or come back to the link when it’s time to tune in live.
  • One-person access: To reduce link sharing to people who don’t register, only one person can view the event using their unique link.
  • Auto-updated data: Once the attendee views the confirmation page, their event status in Salesforce updates to “attended.”

How Can We Help:

  • We can help to setup Blackthorn Events in Salesforce.
  • Plan, Invite & Register, Run & Report all in Salesforce


  • PCI compliant views of checkout details and payment methods saved.
  • You can create and fill out all relevant event details neatly in one Record space. An automated URL generator then creates and routes you to an event created from the Record.
  • Aggregations of forthcoming events compiled into lists, complete with search support and filters.