Twopir consulting has successfully completed the implementation and integration of Blackthorn Payments with salesforce.


Blackthorn Payments brings Stripe and to Salesforce, in a fully native package. They have built additional features to deliver the most advanced payment platform for Salesforce.

Streamline simple, one-time, or recurring payments using the most affordable, up-to-date payment processing app on the Salesforce AppExchange.



  • Offers advanced subscription management with Stripe Billing,, and PayPal
  • Allows mobile payments on Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning Mobile, Salesforce Mobile, and more.
  • Manage Stripe Connect in Salesforce and go live within minutes without any code with Stripe Connect
  • Take PCI-compliant Credit Card & ACH Payments in Salesforce.
  • Lightning & Classic Virtual Terminal
  • Scheduled transactions w/ reattempt
  • Automatically updated expired/lost cards.
  • Payment requests w/ PayLink
  • Apex & REST APIs



  • Setup Blackthorn Payments with salesforce.
  • Setup of payment gateway & payment methods like credit card and ACH payment
  • Setup of Communities & Billing Portal
  • Setup of Blackthorn Payments for mobile payments.
  • Can immediately see a detailed overview of transactions with transaction status by using reports and dashboards.
  • Recurring Billing & Payment Schedules
  • We help in building automation for sending transaction receipts by email alert.
  • We help in integration of Stripe connect & stripe builder.


Send payment request from salesforce with paylink


Payment Schedule


Payment Methods


Stripe Billing Dashboard


  • Blackthorn payments are the most advanced payment platform for salesforce.
  • Blackthorn payments are easy to use, reliable, flexible, and affordable pricing solutions with customer service.
  •  Easily accept payments from salesforce community pages, salesforce mobile, and more.
  •  Make payments easy, increase productivity & reduce time.


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