Case Study

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– Vincent, VP of Sales – Portfolio Management Company Integration with SFDC

Integration with
Automate folder creation for accounts
Automate folder creation for each quarter and year
Security setup feature like – share link expiration

Maintain folder hierarchy for each account on the basis of account type
Email to customers to gather documents within
Data security like revoking access to folder periodically

Complete customization to support integration with for salesforce.


Client uses gdrive as document management which gathers data every month/quarter/year from its customers for various business processes to manage their company. Document management is a crucial part of business and involves maintaining key history for audit.

Current process is cumbersome, manual, prone to errors and is not standardized process. Sometimes client sends data via email, mail and manually folder structure is maintained to store these documents.

Hence, the goal of the project is to provide a comprehensive document management tool that can help create folder hierarchy as per account type. Customers can get some interface to upload and review these documents. Data security is going to be key aspect as these documents are private and confidential.


The first task in hand was to create a complete design and functional flow.

Salesforce to utilize APIs to create folder structure once the account is created on the basis of business conditions.

Salesforce to send automatic reminders with a shareable link to customers for uploading required documents APIs ensure access and permission rights to ensure data security required for file uploads and sharing.

The developed design ensures client uploaded documents are secure and after a few weeks link to upload documents is revoked.


Complete automation of activity from reminder emails to customer to creation of folder structure for file uploads.

Automation to share link for file uploads over email.

Automation ensures no manual activity or intervention hence ensuring complete accuracy of data uploads and reminders.