The SalesforcePayment Processing Appfor Nonprofits.

Brickwork by iATS is a fully integrated, native Salesforce app that helps you save time and money by reducing manual data entry costs and streamlining your payment processes. The installation is easy and immediate, and there’s no need for any technical skills to set up and manage Brickwork

Flexible and Customizable

Brickwork is configurable for all nonprofits using Salesforce, making it the best solution to meet the needs of your donors and your organization. Used for one-off and recurring payments, Brickwork is the payment solution built with the nonprofit payment processing experience that only iATS can offer.

  • Managed : iATS is actively releasing updates, bug fixes, and is available for users to contact .
  • Published : On the Salesforce AppExchange for anyone to find, and available in search.
  • Native : Built in Salesforce so all your work is contained within the database .

Brickwork Features :

  • Save Time and Money.
  • Simple Batch and Recurring Transactions.
  • Seamlessly Linked to Your Donor Database.
  • Integration for Online Forms.
  • No Hidden Fees. No Surprises.
  • Brickwork is a free, native Salesforce application.
  • Brickwork allows nonprofits to process credit and direct debit payments.
  • Brickwork and store payment history and information in Salesforce.

How can we help :

  • Consult how we can use the features Of BrickWorks With Salesforce.
  • BrickWorks Implementation/Integration with Salesforce.
  • We ensure that you use the full extent of what BrickWorks has to offer.
  • User Training.

Results :

  • Seamlessly integrate Salesforce CRM and Nonprofit Success Pack.
  • Simplify donor updates, batch importing, and scheduled recurring donations.
  • Take donations from anywhere with secure online forms and offline virtual terminals.
  • Keep your donor database and your transactions all in one convenient place.


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