What is Calendar Anything ?

CalendarAnything is one of the best Salesforce calendar app. we can Schedule, manage marketing campaigns, plan projects, and more with the most customizable Salesforce calendar app.

Twopir has done Several Calendar Anything integration with Salesforce for a wide pool of clients in the past.

CalendarAnything is one of the most customizable calendar solutions for Salesforce. It empowers businesses to display any standard or custom Salesforce object on a calendar. Organizations now have one central location to track schedules, opportunities, projects, campaigns, and much more. Access the information from a desktop or mobile device


  • Print calendars to paper, or save as an image.
  • Edit records right from the Salesforce calendar, including cut, copy, paste, and clone.
  • Share Salesforce calendars within your org or externally on your website.
  • Use temporary QuickFilters to further filter records on an existing calendar
  • Per user display settings let each user control: font size, default calendar view, week start day, hide/show weekends and more.

When And Why To Use Calendar Anything :

  • My Calendars Set personal options and choose which Salesforce calendars to display
  • Time Zone View your date/time records in various time zones to prevent discrepancies
  • Filter Sets/Panels Temporarily search and filter by predefined criteria
  • Color-coding Color-code pertinent data to view at a glance
  • Calendar Groups Bundle two or more calendars to simultaneously to create a calendar group.
  • Dynamic Search Quickly find what you’re looking for by searching keywords within salesforce calendar records.

How Can We Help :

  • Calendar anything implementation with Salesforce
  • Access all of their calendars in agenda view
  • Share the Salesforce calendar with your desired audience via Force.com site                      
  • Customize which calendars are displayed in the mobile experience

Results :

  • Create customizable calendars from any standard or custom object in Salesforce. 
  • Quickly turn on/off the calendars on your interface; color-code calendars and easily identify what you’re viewing. 
  • Organize calendars by themselves or into groups. Conditional coloring. 
  • Simple click-to-edit, drag-and-drop interface. Add and edit records directly from the calendar, including cut, copy, edit, and clone.


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