What is CallRail ?

CallRail is a service that tracks and manages your phone leads, helping businesses to determine which marketing campaigns are driving quality leads.

By integrating your CallRail account with your Salesforce instance, you will be able to push call data into your CRM. First-time callers can be added as new leads within Salesforce for your sales team to take action on.

By integrating CallRail and Salesforce, you can eliminate the gaps in your Salesforce lead source data by tracking calls and texts back to their specific marketing campaign. This campaign level understanding will give your marketing team the data they need to optimize marketing channels and campaigns and cut costs where necessary based on performance.

Features :

  • Call tracking and analytics
  • Dynamic number insertion
  • Keyword spotting technology
  • Online form and offline call tracking
  • Phone call recording
  • Lead scoring


How We Help :

  • View all your leads in one central location.
  • Fine tune how call information populates into Salesforce.
  • Align call data with your pre-existing Salesforce workflows.
  • Arm your sales team with the data they need to convert leads faster.
  • Listen to call recordings in your Salesforce account to understand the lead journey.
  • Analyze inbound and outbound calls from your sales rep within your Salesforce lead reports.
  • Report on who your campaigns are impacting, whether current or potential customers.


Results :

  • CallRail is an amazing tool that can help you optimize your marketing efforts and increase ROI on your advertising campaigns. 
  • Client Improved Relationships With Customers
  • Good Data leads to Reduce the Time and Cost
  • By integrating it with your Salesforce organization and passing all the tracking information directly to your system, it can become even more powerful.
  • Listen to call recordings in Salesforce to understand the lead journey.



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