Chargentis a 100% Salesforce native, lightning ready credit card / ACH payment solution for one time or recurring billing. Chargent comes with pre-built integrations to 30+ payment gateways, with developer tools that make it easy to customize to fit any business process.

Key Points :

  • 100% Salesforce Native
  • The Most Gateways
  • Flxible Framework
  • Developer Tools
  • PCI Compliance
  • Recurring Billing


  • Quickly and Easily Payment
  • Chargent is the leading payment processing application
  • Manage all One-Time or Recurring Billing and subscriptions
  • Payment Request Invoicing
  • Submit payments directly without saving or storing account numbers in Salesforce
  • Chargent customers enjoy greatly reduced PCI scope.
  • Easy to configure and integrate
  • UI is simple and responsive

Reasons to choose Chargent?

  • Complete Control
  • Flexible Platform
  • More Payment Integrations
  • Developer Tools & API
  • Fair Pricing and Fast ROI
  • Proven Technology

How can we help :

  • Consult how we can use the features Of Chargent With Salesforce.
  • Chargent Implementation/Integration with Salesforce.
  • We ensure that you use the full extent of what Chargent has to offer.
  • User Training.

Results :

  • Greatly simplified the gateway implementation in Salesforce with its preconfigured opportunity automation.
  • Its is very easy to refund the borrower through the same chargent order just by clicking to refund.
  • Chargent gives you all the information that is needed for that transaction, ID, date, amount charged and created date.
  • It allowed us to find problems with transactions that did not go through very easily.
  • The full integration to FinancialForce means that we don’t have to manually make payment updates.
  • It’s flexible because you can build your own customization or rely on its basic out of the box features.
  • It can process many gateways–it sends either one-time or batched payment info to one of many payment gateways and returns the response to Salesforce.
  • It comes with a simple card update email notification to customers that is helpful.
  • You set up your opportunities to get caught in a nightly batch for recurring gifts or to send email reminders when a card is expiring.
  • Because you keep control of credit card details, it is easy to report on expiring CC’s and manage CC reminder communications, so you don’t lose a customer through expiration.
  • The way it is designed makes it highly adaptable to meet all Your business needs.