Connect Salesforce to the world’s #1 fundraising platform.

WHAT IS Classy?

  • Classy is a well-known nonprofit fundraising software programme. It is best known for its intutive fundraising solution.
  • Classy’s tools can also be customised to fit a company’s marketing needs. It enables nonprofit organisations to effectively manage their daily tasks. As a result, it has distinct features that allow them to track data, donations, donors, and so on.
  • Overall, by integrating Classy and Salesforce, you get complete data optimization for fundraising. It will now be simple to manage and improve relationships with donors,as well as thrive toward progress.


  • It helps in managing contacts, homes and reports being private donation payments, etc. It also keeps records of company affiliations and accounts, grant lifecycles, and campaigns.
  • NPSP tracks the relationships between contacts, contributions, and recurring donations.


A Deep, Seamless Integration:

Built to enable a 360-degree view of fundraising performance, syncing Classy data to standard Salesforce objects and Classy custom objects (including Classy Designations, Classy Custom Answers, and Classy Supporters).

Data Hygiene & Efficiency at Scale:

Leverages the power of Salesforce’s customizable matching rules to intelligently address data hygiene issues and leverages parallel processing to drastically increase the speed at which data is moved into Salesforce.

The Classy for Salesforce Control Panel:

Check the health of your data, configure new settings, sync historical data, and customize your integration all directly in Salesforce.


  • We have done a lot of Classy implementation with Salesforce.
  • Our Classy Experts will helps tracks the relationships between contacts, contributions, and recurring donations.
  • We can manage settings related to your general Classy for Salesforce package configuration under Package Management. This includes Custom Field Mapping and enabling debugging.


  • Classy offers a managed Salesforce package to sync data from Classy to Salesforce in real time
  • You will get direct integration to the solution of Duplicate Management in Salesforce.
  • You can customize the name of the records, opportunity types, accounts, stage names, etc.
  • You can use the standard feature for contact matching and customize your integration.


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