Case Study

We used the services to customise our CRM for our unique requirments. I found TwoPir Consulting very responsive and professional. We are very happy with the result and the work has helped transform our business.

– Dane , VP of Sales – Medical Equipment Resale Company

Cost effective implementation on site for Student Registration.

Setup Sites
Security via Recaptcha
Customize Registration form with multiple flows
Integration with fast forms

Client branding
Easy user navigation with key features like save for later
Reporting for Site health checkup

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  • The client required a student registration portal but preferred not to invest in a community platform since the requirement was simply to provide a registration form to students.
  • The registration form varied depending on the course the students wished to enroll in. The client already possessed fast forms where all the necessary templates were created and ready for use.
  • They sought a robust authentication mechanism to ensure the security and privacy of student data.



  • sites were implemented with a custom authentication feature, along with a reCaptcha provision.
  • Upon logging in, students would provide their name and password, along with a security code dynamically generated and sent to their email address.
  • Once successfully authenticated, forms were provided based on the course interests shown by the student.
  • For ease of access, students could either complete the entire form at once or save it to edit later before submitting the application.



  • A cost-effective solution was achieved using sites.
  • The student registration process was streamlined, and data was efficiently collected within Salesforce.
  • Reports were generated for incomplete forms, enabling the sales team to conduct further follow-up and close as many registrations as possible.