Conga Composer enables Salesforce customers to customize, streamline, and scale document generation and reporting for unlimited use cases across all organizations and industries.

Twopir has a great success ratio in helping and providing optimum solutions using the Conga Composer. Our motive is to ensure implementation boosts our client’s business and help them improve their efficiency on a day to day activities. Here’s a quick view of how and why Conga Composeris good with lots of benefits that await for you

What Is Conga Composer :

  • Conga Composer is a robust Salesforce application that allows businesses to create error-free, sophisticated and template digital documents directly from salesforce.
  • Conga Composer can automatically populate richly-formatted templates with data from any standard or custom object in Salesforce.


Why to Use Conga Composer in Salesforce :

  • The growing demand of making everything digital and prior focus to make documents created and verified on the internet only, It is important to build solutions regarding the demand.
  • In the world of Salesforce, managing data is the priority and as everything is on cloud it is rare to limit this data and in order to document it – this is tough.
  • To make sure that time is not getting wasted in generating documents for Salesforce record details and reports. To automate the document generation process for dynamic documents.
  • Without using any connected app in Salesforce, it is very time consuming work to dynamically generate documents for each Salesforce custom or standard object.


What Does Conga Composer Do?

  • Conga Composer offers document generation capabilities to create virtually any important document, report or presentation using Salesforce data.
  • Composer gives you the ability to build richly-formatted templates that are completely customized to your business logic.
  • Conga Composer offers a variety of options for downloading, storing, and delivering your output files like Immediately downloaded,Saved directly in Salesforce, Google Drive, or SpringCM,Automatically emailed,Sent for eSignature.
  • Composer doesn’t just produce and deliver documents – it automates entire business processes.
    Conga Composer offers you multiple options for storing, downloading, and delivering your outputs as:
  • Download immediately.
  • Email Automatically.
  • Send it for eSignature.
  • Save it directly in Salesforce, Google Drive, or Spring CM.
    If the need arises to run solutions in batches, schedule document generation or its delivery, Conga Composer has arange of add-ons as:
  • Conga Batch.
  • Conga Trigger.
  • Conga Mail Merge.
  • Conga Quick Merge.


How Can We Help :

  • We are a Conga implementation partner.
  • Our Conga Experts will Consult you to get Most out of conga on improving the Current Document Process.
  • Delivered by Experienced Salesforce professionals with 5+ years of experience.



  • Using Conga Composer, helps clients in tons of time saving to create and deliver sophisticated documents, presentations, and reports from Salesforce with just a few Clicks without any margin of error.
  • It can generate documents in multiple formats.
  • It can store documents wherever you want them to be kept.It can easily create accurate, consistent, pixel perfect documents.
  • Get rid of process roadblocks and errors that slow down the business, giving time back to your teams to work on the important stuff.
  • Cost and time effective.