Duplicate Check for Salesforce: Duplicate Management made easy


WHAT IS THE Duplicate Check APP ? :

Duplicate Check is used to find, merge & prevent duplicates in Salesforce. This app finds outs duplicate records for certain salesforce objects based on duplicate rules. For example, we can find out duplicate records of Contacts in Salesforce & merge these duplicate records easily. You can prevent your Salesforce from duplication of records.

Duplicate Check App Feature :

  • Find duplicates, Merge Duplicates & Prevent Duplicates.
  • Duplicate Check offers advanced duplicate prevention features & can detect duplicate records everywhere.
  • Provides simple & easy UI.
  • DC Jobs allows users to run duplicate rules based on different scenarios.
  • Allows users to see results & duplicate records with matching percentages.
  • It Even works across objects, so that you can avoid entering new leads if they are already in contact.
  • It can search for duplicate records from any object. 


How Does It Work? :

  • DC Search: This allows you to find duplicates manually. This works based on data entered in fields.   
  • DC Setup: It is used to set criteria/conditions/Merge rules/Scenarios which are further used for finding duplicates & merge duplicates.
  • Auto Merge: It is the feature that allows you to merge automatically based on the Merge rule set in DC Setup.
  • DC Jobs: It is used to run scenarios to find duplicate records & showing all duplicate records in the result. It also provides an auto-merge feature.
  • DC Jobs Overall Results: Its is showing all the jobs with results.


Results :

  • The client has the ability to run DC Jobs based on some criteria, which show all duplicate records that can be auto merged also.
  • It is the most customization app for finding duplicates so clients have the ability to prevent duplicates by setting custom criteria.
  • Saved times & more efficient.




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