Twopir Consulting has completed the implementation and integration of Egnyte with Salesforce. Egnyte provides functionality for storing and syncing files, and attachments within the salesforce web interface. 

About Egnyte :

Egnyte for Salesforce makes it easy to access and share business files in Salesforce with no limits to storage capacity or file size. You can easily upload files such as datasheets, videos, and presentations from within your agents’ Salesforce portals. Access rules are enforced consistently, whether users access files in Salesforce or directly through Egnyte. 

Features Of Egnyte :

  • User Dashboards
  • File Syncing
  • File Sharing
  • Auto Synchronization
  • Cross-Site Synchronization
  • Cloud Archiving
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Premium Support
  • Platinum Support
  • Global Namespace
  • Custom Branding
  • Scalable Plans
  • Security Backups
  • Hybrid File Server
  • Mobile Access
  • FTP Access

Prerequisite :

  • Customers using Salesforce Group, Professional, Enterprise, or Unlimited editions.
  • Customers who have purchased Salesforce Integration licenses for their employee users.
  • Your Administrators and Power Users (employees). The integration is not available for Standard Users except for the Salesforce communities feature.


How Can We Help :

  • Setup Egnyte with Salesforce
  • Boost Efficiency & Productivity through a Native Integration with Salesforce Egnyte for Salesforce creates a single place to manage all your documents and records, and keep them organized in customer-specific folders – all accessible from the Salesforce.
  • Improve Collaboration with Tight 3rd-Party Application Integrations Create a Google Apps doc or edit and share Microsoft Office docs directly from Salesforce.
  • Enable your teams to access, edit, and share customer files on the go with the Egnyte mobile application. All Egnyte permissions are based on Salesforce permissions, so access is only granted to those who need it.





Results :

  • Collaborate with team members, even if they are not Salesforce users.
  • Organize files using folders and sub-folders within the Salesforce hierarchy.
  • Supports Leads, Cases, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Campaigns as well as any custom Salesforce objects.
  • Files progress when leads are converted to opportunities through the sales pipeline.
  • Notes and attachments in Salesforce can automatically be uploaded to corresponding record folders in Egnyte.
  • Admins can create folder / sub-folder templates for new Leads, Cases, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Campaigns, or custom Salesforce objects.



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