Twopir is  specialized in implementing Salesforce-based solutions according to the specific business requirements. Our team has worked on numerous projects and successfully implemented Einstein Activity Capture and Salesforce Inbox  solutions for our clients across the world. Einstein Activity Capture and Salesforce Inbox are smart technologies that help businesses in making a fast decision, make employees more productive, and make end-customers happy with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Einstein Activity Capture

Einstein helps us manage our Emails and calendar applications in sync with Salesforce. With the help of Einstein Activity Capture, the emails and events that we send or receive will automatically be added to the activity timeline of related Account, Contact, Contract, Lead, Opportunity, and Quote records.

Einstein Activity Capture and Salesforce Integration Help Us –

  • Captures every email created in Gmail or Office 365.
  • Automatically or manually sync your Salesforce calendar with your Outlook or Google calendar.
  • Automatically sync your Salesforce contacts and person accounts with your email contacts.
  • Calendar events that users send and receive are automatically added to Salesforce.
  • Provide data-driven rep coaching with an activity leaderboard
  • Contact data synced from the email, events, and address book with Salesforce. 
  • Sales Cloud Einstein gives you access to advanced analytics dashboards built on Einstein Analytics. Sales leaders, managers, and reps can use the Sales Analytics app to glean deeper insights into their sales data.
  • Adjust who can see your emails and events to ensure privacy


  • Automatic Email and Calendar Sync — Capture every email/meeting created in Gmail or Office 365 
  • Activity Reporting — Provide data-driven rep coaching with an activity leaderboard 
  • Fast & Easy Setup — Connect to Gmail and Office 365 and Einstein does the rest 
  • Sharing Settings — Adjust who can see your emails and events to ensure privacy

Salesforce Inbox

Salesforce Inbox brings the world’s #1 CRM right to your inbox.Salesforce Inbox is a suite of applications that brings together two platforms you use every day : Your email and Salesforce. Powered by Einstein, these intelligent and intuitive apps come equipped with productivity tools and a seamless integration between your email inbox and CRM to help you sell smarter and faster – wherever you work. Salesforce Inbox is an add-on product for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and

  • It recommends follow-ups for emails so important opportunities never slip through the cracks
  • It automates administrative tasks so reps can spend more time selling
  • And it allows everyone to discover key insights while they’re on the go so customer meetings become more meaningful and productive

Salesforce Inbox and  Salesforce Integration Help :

  • nbox gives reps everything they need to stay on top of each and every opportunity on any device.
  • Log emails from an email message to a Salesforce record.
  • Create a new Salesforce lead, contact, opportunity, case or task directly from my inbox and into Salesforce.
  • Access my calendar to view and add meetings and events directly.
  • Manage my daily to-do list that is in Salesforce tasks.
  • Set a follow up task if there is no reply.
  • Engage with Salesforce contacts.
  • Send files from Salesforce, Google Drive or Dropbox without leaving my inbox.
  • Instantly update your CRM with sales data from your inbox. 
  • Log customer communications automatically, with no manual data entry. 
  • Add deals right from your inbox, and dive into Salesforce with just one click.
  • Get an intelligent assist from Salesforce in your inbox.
  • See critical sales context from your CRM alongside relevant emails, making it easier to find the perfect response.
  • Speed through email with templates and personalised 1-to-many email messaging that streamline prospect outreach. 
  • Schedule hard-to-get meetings faster by sharing your calendar directly with customers.


  • Einstein Activity Capture — Capture every touchpoint in Salesforce automatically.
  • Contextual CRM — See relevant CRM records in your inbox.
  • Insert Availability — Schedule hard-to-get meetings faster.
  • Read Receipts — Stay connected to your customers with Email Tracking.
  • Templates & Mass Email — Send personalised 1-to-many emails.
  • Mobile & desktop apps — Manage customer communications, anywhere.

How Can We Help

  • We will Help you in installation of Salesforce Inbox
  • Helps you in setup of Einstein Activity Capture in Salesforce
  • Consult how we can use the features which Salesforce Inbox and Einstein Activity Capture Provides
  • User Training


  • Supercharge Einstein with comprehensive activity data 
  • Spend time selling, not logging data 
  • Coach reps with activity data insights.
  • Easily log emails to Salesforce without leaving your inbox
  • Connect email and Salesforce to log emails and update  CRM Data with ease
  • Get follow-up recommendations for emails in need of immediate reply
  • Share your availability to schedule customer meetings faster
  • Increase productivity 
  • Work smarter and faster 
  • See relevant Salesforce records alongside your email and events, and relate email messages to Salesforce
  • Keep your teammates up-to-date with your communications. 
  • Access productivity features wherever you send email.