Einstein Sales Cloud Einstein’s lead scoring feature works well. Compared to previous rules-based lead scoring methods, it is easier, quicker, and more precise. Using historical lead analysis, Einstein analyses which fresh leads are similar to previously converted historical leads. Lead scoring is a new field that this functionality adds to leads. By ranking leads according to the characteristics of leads that have already been converted, Einstein lead score enables sales professionals to priorities leads.

The lead detail page shows the lead score. The following information is displayed if it is added to list views.

Details pertaining to score.
It’s read-only according to the lock symbol.

Key characteristics:

Which leads are eligible for the business’s affluent conversion standards are identified using Einstein lead scoring.
Both connection and conversion rates rise as a result.
swiftly finds the finest leads.
heeds the lead score criteria.

The standard sales Cloud Einstein considerations are:

Only users with a regular Salesforce license are eligible to access Sales Cloud Einstein.
Salesforce installs two packages, Salesforce IQ Cloud and Sales Insights, which offer insights to our organization, when you acquire the Sales Cloud Einstein.
Encryption on platforms is not supported.

Einstein Lead scoring setup considerations:

In the last six months, at least 1000 leads were created in the Salesforce org.
At least 120 of the leads generated in the previous six months were converted into opportunities.

Leads’ business, phone, and email fields are viewable by sales representatives.
Installing Apex classes that use the Einstein Lead Scoring Score Intelligence field should wait until Einstein Lead Scoring is fully enabled.

Enable Lead Scoring for Einstein:

Step 1:  Navigate to setup and select Sales Cloud Einstein setup assistant.

Step 2: Click Get Started . It displays a list of users of Einstein as well as all the steps. Only registered users of Einstein can access all features, including lead scoring.

Step 3:  Next to Einstein lead scoring, click Set Up. Click Set Up Now after that.

Step 4:  Decide which lead conversion milestones are appropriate for your company. Like when a lead is converted, create an opportunity, or just convert the lead to accounts and contacts.

Step 5:  Select Enable.

Step 6:  Add the lead score component to the lightning pages for leads in the lightning app builder. Lead page layouts in classic should include a lead score field.

Step 7:  After the insights are ready, add the lead score field to the lead list views.

Lead ratings are accessible for a maximum of 24 hours. The scores and criteria on the Einstein lead score are therefore visible to users.