What is getFeedback ?

GetFeedback is a valuable tool for companies to capture the feedback of their customers at every step of the customer journey. This helps organizations take action according to critical feedbacks received and introduce necessary changes to improve customer satisfaction. One of the best features of GetFeedback is the provision to be implemented across multiple channels, such as marketing and relationship management.

The tool also allows all customer responses to be fed into Salesforce. Users can hence have a central repository of actionable data. This data can then be actively used to create better workflows and event triggers so that potential issues can be handled on time. The dashboard feature makes it even easier to capture a bird’s eye view of the survey results and spot future trends.

Features :

  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Custom Survey URLs
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Email Distribution
  • Embeddable Survey
  • Kiosk Survey
  • Mobile Survey
  • Multiple Question Types
  • Online Survey
  • Question Branching
  • Question Library
  • Site Intercept Survey
  • Support Audio / Images / Video
  • Survey Templates
  • Skip Logic

Top 3 Competitive Advantages :

1. Ease-of-Use :

GetFeedback was built to be easy to use, which is essential for customer-facing teams. Thanks to their out-of-the-box survey templates and built-in best practices, you can get up and running in minutes without needing to go through rigorous training or certification. Their major competitor, on the other hand, requires months of configuration and management to just get the ball rolling. They also provide the broadest suite of built-in omnichannel distribution channels and reporting. This means you can easily reach and listen to your customers on the channels that work for them.

2. Right-Sized :

At GetFeedback, they know customer feedback programs aren’t one-size-fits-all, which is why they’re built to help businesses measure the metrics that matter to them. Other CX solutions are built for much more complex needs with overbuilt costly features that most companies won’t ever use. With GetFeedback, you can roll out the surveys you want, without complexities. In other words—they give you all the features you need, and none of the features you don’t (which also means you only pay for what you need).

3. Seamlessly Integrate With Salesforce :

They’ve always believed in the importance of taking action on real-time feedback. That’s why they provide easy seamless integration with Salesforce (and why they’re the #1-rated survey solution for Salesforce).

Conclusion :

GetFeedback is the Salesforce connected app where we can store the customer response. We can also analyze overall customer response in the live dashboard.

Here is the sample for the GetFeedback survey: Click here


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