Infusionsoft is a cloud-based email marketing platform and customer relationship management (CRM) system used by businesses to send primarily marketing emails, but also marketing texts, autodial marketing calls, and other methods of marketing communications to consumers and business customers.

By automating sales and marketing efforts of your business, Infusionsoft enables you to have consistent brand messaging throughout all your campaigns and to assure personalized customer experiences. Overall, using Infusionsoft will help boost your good reputation among current and prospective users, and help you provide professional and efficient service.

InfusionSoft and Salesforce Integration :

Automate your small business sales and marketing, while combining your CRM, email marketing, lead capture and e-commerce in one place.

Sync contact data, manage deal flow and automate your sales pipeline in Salesforce. Gather leads, trigger automated emails and put your email marketing on autopilot in Infusionsoft. Do much more by connecting Infusionsoft and Salesforce.

With an Infusionsoft Salesforce integration, companies can add and view leads in both programs. However, they may pick which one they like to work with for certain tasks. When the two are integrated, all the data that a business is working with is stored in both programs. So, if a new contact is made in Infusionsoft, the same contact info will show up on the Salesforce program. The same goes for payments, orders, records, tax options, and schedules.


Features :

  • Account and contact management
  • Opportunity management
  • Lead management
  • Sales data and analysis
  • File sharing and syncing
  • Business forecasting
  • Automated mass email
  • Email templates
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Lead scoring

How Can We Help :

  • Consult on everything from setup to deliverability best practices and beyond.
  • InfusionSoft Implementation/Integration with Salesforce
  • We ensure that you use the full extent of what InfusionSoft has to offer
  • User Training – To utilize InfusionSoft for day to day Activities


  • The platform has a drag and drop campaign builder that provides a visual guide to steps in an email marketing funnel
  • It has integrations with many of the top marketing tools
  • A tag-based system is used to track customer behaviors
  • It has a rules-based system that lets you interact with a customer’s behavior and drive customized emails and other communication to them
  • It is programmable and handles distribution of lead magnets extremely well


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