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Excellent Job. Puts people and relationships first while creating a high quality result

– Ryan , CEO – Insurance Selling Company

Klipfolio a great tool to visualize data from multiple sources.

Breadth of data type supported
Creativity and customization options for visualization
Visualization setup using multiple charts and scatter plot

Data connectors to pull data from multiple sources
Client branded theme based dashboards
Developed formulas to support business needes
Download Klips as PDF & images
Ensure data security

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    • The sales and marketing departments of the client were inundated with a vast amount of data from various sources, providing valuable insights for different sales and marketing channels.
    • The types of information included event details, week-over-week click rates of specific campaigns from HubSpot, lists of attendees for live events from Eventbrite, quarterly conference data from QuickBooks, click-through rates based on HubSpot opens, cases filtered by customer data from, Facebook activity from each state, monthly posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by UFCU, as well as all other online results encompassing all posts and mentions. Additionally, data covered social media traffic originating from each platform, Facebook results by branch for each state, the contribution of each channel to the online information volume, sentiment analysis from Brand24 for all mentions with a ‘tone,’ and the quality assessment of media placements collected from Brand24, Cision, Critical Mention, and Coverage Books. The client sought different dashboards to provide a unified view of this data.



    • We utilized the efficient tool Klipfolio to aggregate the diverse data types and present a comprehensive yet detailed view of various business aspects.
    • We accessed data from HubSpot, Eventbrite, Google Analytics, and other sources through their respective APIs and Ads APIs, then formatted it into a high-level dashboard with drill-down capabilities.
    • The team can now easily compare current business results with historical data on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.
    • The company pulls data into Klipfolio from various sources, including Google Analytics, Google Drive, Eventbrite, Brand24, Critical Mention, Coverage Books, HubSpot, and



    • Facilitated close monitoring of business progress and growth.
    • Provided quick and detailed data insights.
    • Assisted in making crucial business decisions through clean and effective visualizations.
    • Observed case rates based on various parameters.
    • Kept track of social media activities.