Case Study

Excellent Job. Puts people and relationships first while creating a high quality result

– Ryan , CEO – Insurance Selling Company

Klipfolio a great tool to visualize data from multiple sources.

Breadth of data type supported
Creativity and customization options for visualization
Visualization setup using multiple charts and scatter plot

Data connectors to pull data from multiple sources
Client branded theme based dashboards
Developed formulas to support business needes
Download Klips as PDF & images
Ensure data security

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Client’s sales and marketing departments were faced with a great deal of data from different sources, and that provide valuable information for different sales and marketing funnels. The types of information include the Event information, click rate based on Opened week over week of particular campaign from HubSpot, all attendees for all live events on a week over week basis from Eventbrite, Conferences per quarter from QuickBooks, click through rate based on open from HubSpot, cases based on customer filtration from, Facebook activity from each state, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Posts Made by UFCU in each month, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and All Other Online Results – Includes ALL Posts and Mentions Collected, social media traffic originates from each platform, each state’s Facebook results by branch, how much each channel contributed to the volume of information available online about them, Sentiment recorded in Brand24 for all mentions that have a ‘tone.’, the quality of each media placement they have collected from Brand24, Cision, Critical Mention, Coverage Books. client wanted different dashboard with unified view of this data.


We used efficient tool Klipfolio to pull together the disparate types of data and provide a comprehensive, but detailed view of the various aspects of the business.

Tap into the HubSpot, Eventbrite, google analytic etc Graph API and Ads API to access the data, and then formats it into a high-level dashboard that can be drilled into.

Team can now easily compare current business results with historical data month over month, by quarter or even by year.

The company is pulling data into Klipfolio from many different sources, including Google Analytics, Google drive, Eventbrite, Brand24, Critical Mention, Coverage Books, HubSpot,


Helped to closely monitor business progress and growth

Quick & granular data details

Helped to make crucial business decisions via clean, effective visualizations

Observed case rates on basis of various parameters

Keep tap on social media activities