What is Klipfolio? :

Klipfolio is a cloud­-based web app that brings your data to life! We can help you and your organization understand, track, and visualize KPIs, metrics, and other essential information.

Using Klipfolio, you can gather, share, and display the data that matters most to you – in real­ time. You can also create meaningful visualizations to track your data over time, enabling historical comparisons to see how your business is progressing.

Twopir has successfully implemented Klipfolio on the Salesforce Platform.It provides multiple functionality and best features which help your organization.

Klipfolio Features :

  • Data Visualization.
  • Analytics/Reporting.
  • Content Management.
  • Custom Dashboards. 
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Ad Hoc Reports.
  • Customizable Dashboard. 
  • Data Analysis.
  • Marketing Analytics.
  • Campaign Tracking.
  • Reporting.
  • Data Source Connectors.

How do I connect to Salesforce data in Klipfolio?:

When you connect your Salesforce data to Klipfolio, you will be prompted to connect your Salesforce account by entering your username and password.

Doing so creates a connection that enables Klipfolio to securely access your Salesforce account. By default, your connection name looks like this: yourname@Salesforce<date and time created>. You can modify the default connection name when you create a new connection or from the Connected Accounts page, accessed by clicking Accounts > Connected Accounts. You can use and reuse the same account connection every time you connect to Salesforce.

How can we help?:

  • We have expertise to integrate Klipfolio with Several Data Sources..
  • We have Done Several Custom Developments using Different languages
  • Developed Complex Reports/Dashboards, Charts, Data sources for many different APIs , databases, Cloud based CRMs, etc.


  • Take action: Now that you have your data, what do you do with it? Most importantly – Monitor your data every day! Evidence shows that businesses that track their data on a consistent, daily basis notice trends and shifts that help them make effective decisions without delay.
  • Easily visualize Data from the Multiple Data Sources.
  • Share your data: There are many ways to share in Klipfolio, including sharing a snapshot of your data (a static moment in time) or by sharing links to a dynamically updated view of your data