Case Study

TwoPir Consulting was able to help us setup Salesforce very easily. They had a consultative process that educated what the desired result would be and was able to guide us to a successful result, saved us a huge amount of time in setting this up correctly.

– Mikkel Monberg , VP of Marketing – E-Commerce Company

Marketing Cloud is key to complete end to end communication with prospects and customers to boost business growth

Automate customer life cycle via journey builder
Drive engagement using SMS
Listen & analyze social media conversations
Personalization to individual customer

Website and mobile analytics
Single view for each customer
Create 1-1 experience with dynamic content, AMPScripts

marketing Cloud Subtitle



  • The client aimed to explore new channels like mobile journeys and enhance their existing marketing automation implementation.
  • The goal was to increase their new customer base and improve customer retention percentage.
  • It was crucial to assess customer behavior and predict future actions to provide a tailored, personalized experience.



  • Brainstorming sessions were conducted with the client to define and articulate clear business flows.
  • The system was designed by analyzing historical data on customer behavior.
  • Mobile studio was set up.
  • Automation and journeys were established for multiple paths.
  • Analytics were implemented to monitor click-through rates and the acceptance of new marketing campaign launches.



  • A single environment was created to manage all communication channels, including email, social media, web, and mobile.
  • Predictive analytics aided in defining an unparalleled customer experience.
  • Well-defined individual customer journeys were established with tailored messages.
  • More relevant content was delivered, which helped build more successful customer relationships.