Mass Mailer is a native Mass email solution for salesforce CRM that lets you send unlimited mail to standard or custom objects & more. MassMailer helps you bypass email limitations in Salesforce. You can send mass emails to any object using the MassMailer Email Wizard, Salesforce Campaign, or the Salesforce List Views. You can view the statistics like opens, clicks, bounces, and opt-outs, etc. You can merge fields from the object, and the parent objects to any level. You can build email templates using the drag and drop template editor. You can send email alerts or the drip campaigns via the process builder.

MassMailer features :-

  • Mass Email or Single Email to any Standard or Custom object
  •  Create List Views with filters from the respective object, parent objects. and the child objects
  • Merge fields from the object, or from the parent objects up to any hierarchy
  • Build Email Templates with file attachment by using Mass Mailer Template Builder.
  • Send Email Alerts through Salesforce Process Builder
  •  Send Drip Campaigns through Salesforce Process Builder
  •  Monitor Email Domain and IP for Blacklists
  • Verify Emails to reduce the bounce rate

MassMailer Template builder :-

By using MassMailer template builder, we can build email templates as per our need.  Steps to create MassMailer email template is given in the below link

MassMailer Template Builder in Lightning
MassMailer Template Builder view

How can we help :-

  • Setup MassMailer with salesforce.
  • Created List views with filters on objects.
  • We help in building Email templates in salesforce by using Mass Mailer Template Builder.
  • We help in building automation for sending emails through salesforce.
  •  Help in tracking Activity history on the particular objects.
  • Help in getting email status values such as delivered, open, click, spam, unsubscribe, bounce etc. gets captured on the particular object in a related list object called “MassMailer Email Status”.
  •  Build Email Drip Campaigns in salesforce by using automation.

Result :-

  • MassMailer integration with salesforce helps to manage their marketing through Email campaigns.
  • Helps to send unlimited emails at a time to customers.
  • Can send emails to any standard or custom object.
  • By using MassMailer, clients can schedule and customize email sending to customers.
  • Clients can send bulk emails. And get the email status in a related list object called MassMailer Email status.
  • Reduce time, cost and increase profit.