• Match My Email increases your sales productivity and gives your sales team better customer information by adding emails automatically to Salesforce.
  • Match My Email vision was to create an email syncing app that would make sure that every email is logged from a variety of email applications, to Salesforce.
  • The app frees the user from the task and responsibility of syncing emails to Salesforce.
  • The app also creates a perfectly reliable email login Salesforce organized by client and account. Computers in the cloud do all the work.
  • They called it Match My Email because it automatically matches emails to Salesforce records and the business has gone from strength to strength since inception.




  • Inbound and outbound emails from any device or email provider.
  • Shared emails organized and accessible in Salesforce.
  • Sync emails to multiple Salesforce record types at once.
  • Sync emails by domain, words, numbers or tags.
  • Sync emails to custom records or field.
  • Reply to emails from inside Salesforce records.
  • Cloud app that never sleeps nor misses an email.
  • Track user and customer email activity.
  • Create new SFDC records from email data.
  • Sync old emails to Salesforce.





  • Match My Email seamlessly captures any email from any device to Salesforce, including Office 365, G Suite, Apple Mail, IMAP, GoDaddy, Zimbra and Rackspace.
  • The app offers hands-free, setup and forget, once and done, email integration for Salesforce.
  • It imports emails from a user’s mailbox, matches them to records in Salesforce automatically and then uploads them permanently to the Salesforce cloud.
  • Match My Email saves time, creates valuable email activity data in Salesforce and tracks all inbound and outbound customer emails for compliance.
  • It provides Salesforce Outlook integration and Salesforce Gmail integration.
  • Match My Email is the gold standard in email syncing and logging tools for Salesforce.





  • We have done Several implementations/integration of Match My Email with Salesforce.
  • Setup and provide support for Match My Email Integration.
  • Training for users.



  • See email activity by user or customer.
  • Sync emails automatically to Salesforce hands-free 24/7/365 in the cloud.
  • Clear presentation of email activity in Salesforce.
  • Sync emails to custom Salesforce records.
  • Block emails from entering Salesforce by email address or keyword.
  • All inbound and outbound emails are captured and stored in Salesforce.
  • Sync based on domain name, words, numbers or tags.
  • Enable users to reply to emails from inside Salesforce records.
  • Create new Salesforce records from emails using drag and drop or autocreate.
  • Admins can activate and deactivate users from a central control panel; no end-user involvement in setup.
  • Filter out duplicate emails in Salesforce while maintaining full Privacy controls.



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