Case Study

TwoPir Consulting is a top notch IT Company. We have worked with them on several projects and are impressed with the results each time. They really listens to the goals you are trying to achieve, and always thinks of your future growth. Team plans ahead, thinks the project through from start to finish, and is always focused on providing the best architecture and user experience possible.

– Linda , Sales Executive – Machine Manitenance Company

Complete customization to support integration with MYOB AccountRights accounting software.

Setup Partner Community
Integration with MYOB
Automate sync of Accounting Data

Wave Analytics Reports
Partner Performance Analysis
Setup Targets for Partners


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  • The client utilizes MYOB AccountingRight as their accounting software. Each of its partners maintains individual AccountRight accounts where they record all sales activity. Presently, the client relies on Excel spreadsheets exported from these partner accounts to analyze individual partner performance and determine quarterly growth. However, this current approach is cumbersome, manual, prone to errors, and lacks standardization.
  • Therefore, the project’s objective is to connect with MYOB AccountRight using APIs and provide analytics for both the client and partners.



  • The primary task at hand was to create a comprehensive design and functional flow.
  • Salesforce is set to utilize MYOB AccountRight APIs to extract data from individual partner accounts. A batch process was scheduled to extract all the required information and fill Salesforce’s newly designed data model.
  • The developed design ensures the client’s need for data security, preventing partners from viewing each other’s data.
  • A Salesforce Partner community has been established, granting partners authorization to access and view Wave Analytics.
  • Partner Wave dashboards provide partners with a summary of their performance compared to the overall performance of other partners. This fosters a sense of competition, allowing partners to compare their figures with the average performance of other stores.
  • Client Management can, at any given point in time, view the performance of each partner and compare quarterly figures to make crucial business decisions using Wave Analytics.



  • Complete automation of extracting data from MYOB and generating reports has saved a significant amount of time and energy for the client.
  • Automation eliminates any manual activity or intervention, thereby ensuring the complete accuracy of data and reports.
  • Benchmarking wave charts provide client management with a comprehensive view of each partner.