Nintex for Salesforce eliminates the time, expense, and risk of manual document creation, routing, and approvals. Convert data into compliant documents and instantly distribute them across your enterprise.

Document Generation :

Don’t let the manual creation of critical documents like contracts, work orders, and invoices slow down your business. Nintex Drawloop DocGen® for Salesforce works behind the scenes to automatically populate Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF templates with data from Salesforce and other systems. No more cutting and pasting, no more errors. Deliver precise and compliant documents the first time, every time.

Automate Document Workflows and E-signatures :

Eliminate delays, simplify collaboration, and quickly obtain sign-offs.It’s drag-and-drop canvas makes it easy to create workflows for even the most sophisticated needs. Automatically trigger workflows when changes to your Salesforce records are detected, expedite customer sign-offs with eSignature capabilities, and auto-assign tasks, alerts, and follow-ups to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.


Forms & Mobile Apps :

Keep your Salesforce records up-to-date and business processes flowing with Nintex Forms. Leverage Nintex Forms to update Salesforce records, trigger workflows, or generate documents.You can instantly capture the information to trigger a workflow or generate a document.With Mobile Apps, you can keep the process moving from anywhere, on any device.

Nintex Promapp :

Nintex Promapp is a cloud-based business process management solution, which helps small to large organizations evaluate team engagement and track workflow process. Its key features include onboarding, training management, task tagging, risk management, and reporting.It allows teams to visualise processes and then redesign and improve them, if necessary.


  • Nintex Drawloop DocGen for Salesforce is a no-code solution that automates your document generation and delivery process from data stored in your Salesforce org.
  • This easy-to-use solution allows you to create compliant and consistent documents while reducing human error from manual document generation.
  • It gathers your data from Salesforce and incorporates it into the documents in your DocGen Package.


Once you create a DocGen Package, upload a template or documents to the package, and customize your delivery or storage method for your documents. Nintex Drawloop DocGen gathers your data from Salesforce and incorporates it into the documents in your DocGen Package. You’ll find the following tabs in your DocGen Package:

Data :

The Data tab of your DocGen Package, allows you to configure basic information for your DocGen Package. The data can come from Salesforce Objects, Reports, and/or Visualforce pages and can be merged into your document templates.

Documents :

Documents are the templates or files that your Salesforce data will be merged into. In the Documents tab of your DocGen Package, you can view basic information for your template details such as name, page range, etc.

Delivery :

The Delivery tab located in your DocGen Package is where you configure where your documents will be sent to after the generation process is completed. You can deliver and store your generated documents using signing and storage applications.


  • We have done a lot of Nintex implementation with Salesforce.
  • We will help you to Automate document creation, expedite routing and eSignature, and extend the value of your Salesforce investment.
  • Implementing Nintex Generate faster and more compliant sales, marketing, and service documents—in any format—and share immediately.


  • Managing the entire process with clicks.
  • Reduced the time it took to create contracts from weeks to minutes.
  • Build documents with ease.
  • Streamline complex processes in Salesforce, across orgs and business systems.
  • Improve document management.
  • Avoid delays & Minimize impact on business operations.
  • Accelerate sales-to-cash timelines and deliver faster time-to-service resolutions.
  • Through Nintex automatic contract creation, form submission and more.


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