Non-profit Organisations have huge responsibility and expectations to meet. They make a difference to our community and Twopir believes to support them in every way possible.



Twopir has a great success ratio in helping and providing optimum solutions using the Salesforce NPSP package. Our motive is to ensure implementation boosts our client’s business and help them improve their efficiency on day to day activities. Salesforce is an excellent product for Non Profit Organizations. Here list of benefits that awaits for you


  • Single system can remove data silos by tracking and managing programs, clients, outcomes, operations, and fundraising all under one umbrella
  • A free, open-source donor and constituent management app
  • Cloud based application easily accessible over mobile
  • Robust Reporting & analytics
  • Flexible Security and Sharing Model


Twopir experts have defined complete process and procedure to help you implement Salesforce NPSP and avail numerous benefits it holds for you. Together we can achieve the following goals.

  • Standardization and automation on fundraising and donation procedures.
  • Manage and generate donor list, patrons, client database
  • Calculate effectiveness of an event, campaign
  • Provide sufficient knowledge & information to mentor volunteers.
  • Complete view and analysis of donation cycle from commitment to actual account payments.
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