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Outreach is more than just software – with Sales Engagement Platform, you get a playbook for team success.

Twopir has successfully implemented Outreach on the Salesforce Platform.It provides multiple functionality and best features which help your organization

  • Outreach is a sales engagement tool that works to engage leads and prospects across a broad set of interactions, with support to make your staff more efficient and effective
  • Outreach can help you manage tasks or automate elements related to every stage of the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle
  • Control emails, social interactions, and voice solutions like outbound calling
  • There’s a strong machine learning and AI toolkit under the head so the tool can continue to learn what works for your customers and adapt to help SDRs succeed

Outreach and Salesforce Integration :

Outreach’s intelligent bi-directional sync ensures complete fidelity between data in both systems.

All activities executed in Outreach — calls, emails, etc — are automatically logged in Salesforce and conflict resolution detects and resolves conflicts to keep data pristine. It works in Salesforce Aloha and Lightning editions.

Features :

  • Customizable Fields and Field Updates
  • Lead Conversion Detection
  • Account Enrichment
  • Explicit Role Mapping
  • Data Reversion Protection
  • Salesforce Native
  • View and Work Salesforce Opportunities

How Can We Help :

  • Outreach Implementation/ integration with Salesforce
  • We ensure that you use the full extent of what Outreach has to offer
  • We will help your businesses reach the next stage of growth through outreach & Salesforce integration


  • Increase productivity
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Track engagement
  • Nurture prospects
  • Book more meetings
  • Drive more pipeline


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