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Excellent Work on a timely basis. Make sure everything was fixed and working perfectly before completion of project. Will definitely use again.

– Tim , CEO – Credit Card Processing Company

Pardot Implementation & Integration with Salesforce.

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Pardot integration with Salesforce

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  • To create a model where prospect qualification prevents sales reps from wasting their time on prospects that are not sales-ready.
  • Define the lifecycle stages of prospects within the marketing and sales processes: Awareness > MQL > SQL > Opportunity > Customer > Retention/Loyalty > Growth > Advocacy.
  • Implement lead scoring and grading to provide the right signals to sales reps.
  • Develop prospect nurturing drips/programs tailored to different lifecycle stages.
  • Utilize email personalization.
  • Measure campaign ROI at each level.



    • We engaged various members of the client’s team—Sales, Marketing, and Leadership—during the GamePlan strategy calls, facilitating the development of a plan to align sales and marketing efforts in the same direction.
    • Create campaigns, lists, rules, drip programs, and content based on the targeted audience segments.
    • Employ Pardot Forms and Form Handlers to acquire quality prospects, enhancing user experience with features like auto-filling of information in forms.
    • Establish the Google AdWords Connector to integrate Google Campaigns ROI into the Salesforce & Pardot ecosystem.



  • Easily calculate ROI for campaigns, aiding in the measurement of marketing efforts.
  • Automated the sales cycle based on lead scoring and grading, effectively qualifying leads from MQL to SQL. Sales reps now have more time to understand their customer needs.
  • Maintained close relationships with prospects and contacts through personalized messages.
  • Utilized Pardot’s automated drip functionality to send the right message at the right time.