Case Study

Excellent Work on a timely basis. Make sure everything was fixed and working perfectly before completion of project. Will definitely use again.

– Tim , CEO – Credit Card Processing Company

Pardot Implementation & Integration with Salesforce.

Pardot, Salesforce Campaigns
Engagement Studio
Automation rules
Dynamic Content
Dynamic List, Static List

Forms & Form Handlers, Landing pages, Email Templates
Pardot List Email
Custom redirects
Pardot integration with Salesforce

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To create the Model where Prospect qualification will prevents sales reps from wasting their time on the prospects which are not sales ready.

Define Lifecycle Stages of the prospects stand in the marketing and sales processes:
Awareness > MQL > SQL > Opportunity > Customer >Retention/Loyalty > Growth > Advocacy.

Implementation of Lead Scoring and grading which will send right Signal to Sales reps.

Prospect Nurturing Drips/Programs for prospects for different Lifecycle stages.

Email Personalization.

Measure Campaigns ROI at each level.


We have involved diverse members of the client’s team—Sales, Marketing, Leadership during the GamePlan strategy Calls, which had helped us to develop a plan
which align Sales & marketing efforts in same direction.

Create campaigns, lists, rules, drip programs and content creation based on the audience segment they were targeting.

Use Pardot Forms and Form handlers for getting the Quality prospects with Better User experience like Auto filling of information in form.

Set up the Google AdWords Connector for getting the google Campaigns ROI into the Salesforce & Pardot ecosystem.


Easily Calculate ROI for the Campaigns which helps in measuring Marketing Efforts.

Automated the Salescycle based on Lead Scoring and Grading which is now qualifying Leads from MQL to SQL .Sales rep have more time to understand their
customer needs.

Maintaining a close relationship with prospects & contacts with personalize messages.

Leveraging Pardot’s automated drip functionality for sending Right message at Right time.