• Easiest, Most Cost-Effective Dialer for Salesforce.
  • Instantly leave voicemails and emails. Record Calls. Track Emails. Local ID and more.
  • PhoneBurner is a cloud-based power dialer designed to boost productivity for outbound sales teams. The platform offers more than standard capabilities of contact management and email tracking.
  • PhoneBurner enables smart lead distribution and advanced reporting to give teams everything they need to achieve sales growth.


  • More conversations for more sales opportunities.
  • Make smarter, more productive calls.
  • Call from any phone or VOIP.
  • Get more leads to answer your calls.
  • Improved productivity through workflow automation.
  • Save time with built-in CRM features.
  • Easier lead filtering for more successful campaigns.
  • Efficient lead distribution through LeadStream.
  • Seamless productivity through hundreds of integrations.
  • Improved transparency of your team’s performance and workflow.
  • Hassle-free team management.
  • Quick and easy contact migration and onboarding.


  • What makes PhoneBurner unique is that the software streamlines and speeds up the calling process, making it possible for sales agents to contact up to 80 leads per hour.
  • Agents can always hear the phone ring, so conversation quality is never sacrificed. Sales teams get full control of the dialing experience, from start to finish. Features such as Local Caller ID also help boost live answer rates.
  • PhoneBurner also offers LeadStream, a built-in lead distribution platform.LeadStream is capable of distributing leads to the right agents to increase the chances of conversion.
  • The platform lets you choose the most effective lead distribution method for your team, so they can work more efficiently.
  • PhoneBurner helps ensure transparency and accountability for your team.
  • The platform not only records calls but also tracks emails, so you’ll know if contacts open your emails or download attachments. Custom reports can be created based on the metrics you want, so keeping an eye on your team’s performance is easy.
  • Migrating contacts into the PhoneBurner platform is easy. Users can take advantage of free white-glove setup and onboarding to customize the platform according to their unique needs. The entire platform is on the cloud, so no installation is needed on your end.


  • We have done Several implementations/integration of PhoneBurner with Salesforce.
  • Setup and provide support for PhoneBurner Integration.
  • Training to users.


  • Create custom tags for your contacts.
  • Track contact history, email engagement.
  • Record your calls.
  • Instantly send personalized emails.
  • Real-time alerts of email opens, attachment views & more.
  • Access real time reports to measure agent performance.
  • Organize and manage contact details and history.
  • Call tracking, reporting & analytics.
  • Simple import tool included.
  • Create unlimited custom fields to fit your sales processes.


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