S-Docs – Native Document Generation & E-Signature


What is S-Docs ?

S-Docs is the fastest, easiest and most secure document generation and e-signature solution built on the Salesforce platform. It is an intuitive drag and drop interface. It allows Salesforce users to create quotes, contracts, emails, reports and other documents directly on the Salesforce platform.

It has the ability to add images and visual charts and also we can live edit documents during and after generation. It also supports advanced SOQL queries like aggregates and subqueries. It is lightning ready and auto creates activities and follow-up tasks. It includes powerful features like batch and workflow without add-ons.

S-Docs Features :

  • Point-and-click template editor is designed for non-programmers.
  • Supports both standard and custom objects.
  • 1-Click document creation.
  • E-signature support.
  • Add dynamic images and visual charts.
  • Insert custom terms and conditions.
  • Leverage advanced SOQL queries.
  • Live-edit documents during and after generation.
  • Include your salesforce related lists.
  • Multi-signer profile.
  • Sign on any device in person or virtually.
  • automatic reminders.
  • Encrypt documents.
  • Lightning fast
  • Reusable components.
  • Track signing process in salesforce.
  • Full featured Email automation.
    • Auto attach documents.
    • Deliver documents for E-signature.
    • Populate contact information automatically.
    • Custom Email Templates.
  • Capture input data and write data back to salesforce fields

How can we help :

  • Built amazing documents by adding dynamic images and visual charts.
  • Automate document creation and delivery in minutes.
  • Create documents and E-signature via click, workflow or batch.
  • Built documents with full featured email automation.

Results :

  • Clients can generate, store and E-sign documents on the salesforce server.
  • Clients have the ability to generate documents with advanced customization.
  • Clients have the ability to use multi-signer profiles and sign on any device in person and virtually.
  • Clients can use custom templates for email.



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