What Is Salesforce Maps?

If you’ve looked into mapping tools previously, you may have heard of the location intelligence tool MapAnything. Well, in early 2019, MapAnything was acquired by Salesforce and, in late August 2019, became Salesforce Maps. This brought together the geo-spatial capabilities of MapAnything with a robust sales CRM that many people associate with Salesforce.

Salesforce Maps is a location-based intelligence tool, built for global enterprise-level teams, designed to help optimize sales processes and optimize territory management. The platform allows you to go from territory planning and design to execution by your reps in the field and visualization of the results.

Features of Salesforce Maps:

  • Map types – Visualize and analyze your data using multiple map types including pin, radius, drive time, bubble, hot spot, and regional heat maps.
  • Data styling – Customize every part of your map from the pin size, color, and shape, to the base map your pins sit on.
  • Routing – Plan, optimize, and share trips with start and stop times. Export route legs to Google Maps and export stops to CSV.
  • Territories – Balance and align territories built manually or from a file, collaborate on territory management with hierarchies, sharing, and exporting.
  • Collaboration & sharing – Create, save, and share maps, collaborate with other users, publish maps via public URL or embed on your website, and export maps to PowerPoint, PDF, JPG, and CSV.

Top Benefits of Salesforce map integration:

There are a number of advantages that you and your team will notice once you successfully integrate your chosen Salesforce mapping tool:

  • Seamless access: Through seamless integration, you and your sales team will have access to an all-in-one Salesforce mapping tool. This combines the knowledge and insight of your CRM with the power of your sales territory mapping solution. Once set up, you’ll be able to seamlessly switch between your full Salesforce CRM and your mapping software.
  • Directly add data: With Salesforce map integration, it’s an easy process to add data from Salesforce to your mapping software. CRM data sources like your contacts, customer accounts, leads and opportunities, reports, and custom objects can be directly added to your mapping software. You can also choose to add external mapping data or data sources from Excel to ensure that you have everything your team needs in one place.
  • Improve decision-making and prioritizing: Sometimes it’s difficult to see which accounts need immediate attention and which leads could benefit from in-person sales support. Access to maps in Salesforce helps eliminate these challenges while enabling you to maintain efficiency in your field sales process.
  • Salesforce territory mapping: Speaking of prioritizing, decision-making around your territory planning is a breeze when you and your team have access to your critical CRM, and mapping software data in one, completely integrated solution.
  • Deliver best-in-class customer service: Integrated Salesforce maps build on the capabilities of your mapping software and enable you to elevate your customer service across the board.


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