Twopir has successfully implemented SalesLoft on the Salesforce Platform. It is a Sales Engagement platform for creating better buying experiences and closing more revenue. It provides multiple functionality and best features which help your organization to let your teams focus on selling, your managers on coaching, and your operations and leaders on strategy.SalesLoft was built for the entire revenue organization. SDRs, AEs, Full-Cycle reps, AMs, CS reps, and their managers all have access to features to optimize the complete customer journey.

  • SalesLoft is the leading platform for revenue teams to execute, coach, and gain insight throughout the deal cycle, at every stage. 
  • SalesLoft is not a CRM or marketing automation tool, its Sales Engagement – done right. Orchestrate every email, call, meeting, and customer interaction. 
  • Automatically track and log your tasks, activities, and engagement data to your CRM.

SalesLoft and Salesforce Integration :

With intelligent integration, Salesforce Sync, and seamless workflows, SalesLoft is the ultimate sales machine.

Monitoring and tracking sales activities is a crucial element of Salesforce’s effectiveness. Fortunately, communications sent in SalesLoft are automatically recorded as activities in Salesforce. No manual updating — just one cohesive view of activities.

Easily apply automation rules to execute any repetitive process that you’d normally have to do manually. Rules can even include multiple actions built on a single set of criteria.

SalesLoft provides a real-time log of all sync activities, status, and outcomes.

Combine SalesLoft and Salesforce data to achieve a powerful analytics package, giving leaders instant visibility into performance.  The end result is a holistic view of SalesLoft and its impact on the organization.

Features :

  • Call Recording
  • File Transfer
  • Auto-Dialing
  • Dashboard
  • Lead Capture
  • Lead Scoring
  • Campaign Management
  • Data Management
  • Performance Management
  • Lead Distribution
  • Meeting Management
  • Contact Management
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Workflow Management

How Can We Help :

  • SalesLoft integration with Salesforce
  • We ensure that you use the full extent of what SalesLoft has to offer
  • We will help you to close more revenue
  • We will help your businesses reach the next stage of growth

Results :

  • Real-Time Sync, so data is always accurate and up-to-date
  • Choose to sync manually or automatically
  • Sync Rules
  • Converted-Lead Detection
  • Maintain all account fields (standard and non-standard) and their related contacts from Salesforce
  • SalesLoft tracks all updates to and from Salesforce, so you know the who, what, and when of your data
  • Customizable Sync Speed
  • Campaign planning, execution, and tracking
  • Client engagement tracking
  • Helps teams across organizations stay on top of important daily tasks.
  • Automated emails to help with time consuming tasks.
  • Click-to-dial helps to save time
  • Scheduling calls with calendar functions
  • Speeds up sales development performance


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