Service Cloud Digital Engagement

What is a service cloud?

With Service Cloud, you can choose how your customers reach you—by email, phone, social media, online communities, chat, text, and more. To keep your customers satisfied when they do contact you, Service Cloud makes sure that your agents have all the tools they need to respond efficiently to customer questions and requests. Service Cloud boosts agent productivity, allows communication on multiple channels, and supports solving issues in the field.

What is Digital Engagement?

It’s a term that describes how companies engage with customers across all digital touchpoints, while providing a consistent customer experience. Typically, a customer’s journey includes marketing, selling, and servicing in a way that lets them switch between multiple channels without interrupting a positive experience.

Digital Engagement in service cloud features: –

1)  WhatsApp 

Customers can communicate with your support agents using WhatsApp in Messaging. They can message your company from the WhatsApp messaging app, and agents can reply from the Service Console. We have done setup of WhatsApp channel. WhatsApp is a messaging application that is used by more than 1.5 billion people in over 180 countries. WhatsApp Business allows users of the WhatsApp messaging app to communicate with a business. There are two ways a business can interact with its customers

Customer Care Interactions: Customer-initiated conversations that require a response from an agent within 24 hours
Notifications: Business-initiated, pre-approved, templated messages that can be sent at any time

2)  Facebook Messenger

Customers communicate with support agents using Facebook Messenger. Customers use Facebook Messenger to send messages to your company’s Facebook page, and agents can reply from the Service Console. We have set up a Facebook Messenger channel by authenticating Facebook.

3)  Live Chat

Live chat helps your customers start live, in-app or online chats with your agents while they’re browsing your website. Agents can quickly respond in the console, and you can scale your support with AI-powered chatbots to answer routine questions or redirect to the right agent.

4)  Einstein Bot 

Build and manage Einstein Bots to ease the load on your service agents. Bots can handle routine requests and free your agents to handle more complex issues. Bots can also gather pre-chat information to save your agents time.

How can we help :-

  • We help in setting up WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Live chat and Einstein Bot with salesforce.
  • We help in building automation and in handling complex issues efficiently.
  • Help in reducing service response time
  • Help in reducing time to close cases
  • Added faster alternatives to voice calls with SMS, messaging, and chat
  • Free up agents with automation and AI to deliver better service

Results :

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty.
  • Reduce Service Response Time.
  • Reduce Time to Close Cases.
  • Increase the rate of services and deliver better service.