What Is the SharinPix App?

SharinPix is the images app that manages the images for Salesforce. SharinPix brings the power of the image to Salesforce. It is a business-oriented image toolbox to empower YOUR Salesforce with YOUR pictures and managing albums and photos efficiently and easily by offering automation and content recognition as well.

The picture below depicts a SharinPix Album component with uploaded images:

The picture below shows the full-screen view upon clicking on an image in the SharinPix album:

SharinPix Features:

  • Works with both Classic and Lightning Experience interfaces.
  • Gather pictures from the field using Salesforce’s mobile app (including Salesforce mobile App and Field Service Lightning App).
  • Edit, annotate and tag images right from your smartphone.
  • Insert images in documents, either created by Salesforce or by a documentation generation tool.
  • Can drag and drop SharinPix on any Salesforce record page and start working immediately—from your desktop or from your phone or tablet.
  • Automatically update fields in Salesforce when you add, update or delete pictures.
  • supports all image formats, including: JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, HEIF, BMP, ICO, PDF, EPS, PSD, AI, SVG and many others

How Can We Help:

  • Album to manage image in a record with custom tags and custom action.
  • Single upload to collect/display a single image with a specific tag.
  • Built Lightning component & Apex Logic to display images in a ‘before-after’ format by providing run time filter for categories the image coming from different records.
  • Built Lightning component & Apex to display reference images from the parent record.
  • Mass Edit SharinPix component for changing the image name in bulk.
  • Show images in documents dynamically wherever necessary as per requirement and generate pdf.


  • Clients have the ability to upload photos, tag photos, edit images, and more from the record.
  • Clients can send pictures to prove or explain something to their customers very easily.
  • Saved hours of work in our operations process.
  • Configure your salesforce to fit your image needs with the right component.