SMS Magic App

SMS-Magic Converse is a powerful CRM-based messaging platform for Salesforce.
-Twopir has done Several SMS-Magic integrations with Salesforce across a wide range of industries.
-The app provides advanced text messaging capabilities packaged as out-of-the-box solutions.

Key Points :

  • Be Compliant
  • Setup Auto-Responders
  • Track Effeciency
  • Easy SMS Solutions Setup


  • Get real-time notifications of customer incoming messages
  • Assign customer conversations to team members
  • Send and Receive rich media messages on different channels
  • View the entire conversation history with your customers
  • Enhanced user experience

How can we help :

  • We will help to Integrate SMS – Magic with Salesforce according to the workflows your industry needs.
  • Set up Crucial SMS alerts and Reminders with the help of Salesforce Data
  • Help to automate processes and focus more on providing value to your customers.
  • Help to increase marketing ROI with better performing campaigns
  • Able to Applications and Documentation Processes
  • Schedule appointments With Salesforce & SMS magic Integration.

Results :

  • High open rates. SMS has the highest open rates when compared to phone calls or email marketing.
  • Fast and Effective.Engage with your customers anywhere
  • Respond to incoming messages from leads/prospects not yet in your CRM
  • Everybody knows that ‘Time is Money’, with SMS Marketing you will save a lot of time
  • Allowing you to concentrate on other areas of the business.
  • Routing & Automation Based on Message reply in Salesforce.
  • Integrate into your Marketing Campaigns.