Case Study

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Leader ashboard using Streaming API
Real time data analysis on task, events, opportunity
Live streaming on team performance

Visibility on top sales performers

The Salesforce Streaming API is a simple way to push relevant data to your users in real time, instead of having to refresh the screen to get new information.


Salesforce OOB analytics does not support real-time data changes automatically, it needs intervention to refresh each dashboard/Report component in order to get results.
The client was in need to boost their sales performance and keeping a tap on business deals every second. A live team performance dashboard was suggested to be set on office screens to showcase targets and current performance.
Application development was needed that can pull real-time data via constant polling action keeping salesforce governor limits under consideration. Though it can result in unnecessary API calls and processing time.
In the scenario where we want to keep track of every data change for a particular object, we will continuously query that object. With these, it will consume unnecessary resources and put a burden on component as well as Organization.


The solution was designed to utilize the concept of Pushtopic, streaming API.

PushTopic creates a notification with the data as specified in its query. Returns field data as per specified in a query, The developed design ensures client need for data security wherein partners cannot view each other’s data.

Used the data from notification for further operation to be performed in order to visualize data in an efficient way.


Live Team performance dashboard gave management help in making crucial decisions.
Sales team performance scaleup
Sales team focused on targets & goals via live data numbers
Healthy competition among team members to be part of Leader board
Increase in customer satisfaction with a faster turnaround time