Super Clone can Save time on cloning child records in Salesforce by using the Super Clone Appexchange application.

Twopir has done several Super Clone App configurations in the past which leads to a great success ratio in helping. Our motive is to ensure implementation boosts our client’s business and help them improve their efficiency on day to day activities. Here’s a quick view of how and why Super Clone is good for Admins with lots of benefits that await for Admins.


  • Super Clone is a very straight forward App that has a clear bit of functionality. The package itself is relatively small and all the components can be well understood.
  • Super Clone is a pack of three pages that help with cloning, editing, and copying standard or custom objects with their related lists.
  • It allows administrators to create configurations for how records will be cloned, edited, and copied.
  • Values can be specified, cleared, or cloned. Related lists can be included, and configurations may be set for their fields as well.
  • Super Clone is free only for non-profit companies.


  • Currently Salesforce only allows you to clone the Main record ,leaving you to create the other associated objects manually.
  • To avoid Manual Creation and time waste in order to create associated records, the super clone plays a vital role .


  • It Clones a Parent and Child Hierarchy of Records.
  • Super Clone Copy Child Records to Another Parent Record.
  • No Coding Required.
  • Edit Parent and Child Relationships on a Single Page.
  • Super Clone allow us to select Child Relationships and Set Fields to Display.

How Can We Help :

  • Implementation & Configuration of Super Clone with salesforce.
  • Helps to Create Related object records data in minutes.


  • Saves Lot of time for Salesforce Admins.
  • You can choose which related lists to clone,eg- if you are cloning a closed case, you don’t want to clone all the emails and tasks associated with that old case.
  • It does copying of related list items. if you want to say copy a list of tasks.
  • You can use it to edit multiple items on a related list.


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